Vintage Kart Photos - Blossom 2008

Below are a selection of photos taken at the 2008 Blossom Meeting in Hawkes Bay of a number of vintage karts that have been restored and are currently being demonstrated at selected events in New Zealand.

NZ "Ohau" Factory Dart Twin Macs
NZ "Ohau" Factory Dart Twin Macs
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NZ "Ohau" Factory Dart Twin Macs
Mk2 Margay Cheetah Mac 91B
1977 Zip GT K88
T190 Dino K88
Devil K88
NZ Dart Twin Macs
NZ Zip 125 Shifter
Two NZ Darts
NZ Zip Mac 91A
NZ Dart Parilla GP15
Birel Parilla TT22
Lil Red Bug Mac. First kart imported to NZ
Karlsson Birel Twin KT100's
NZ Dart Mac
Margay Mk3 Cheetah Twin K88's. Ex Garry Emmick Hon
83 Bishop Eagle KT100
72 Zip Bluestreak Rotax
NZ Swiss Hutless Suzuki 125
Margay Mk3 Cheetah Twin Mac 93's
Team work on the Doc's KiwiKart Rotax after it spa

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