2017 CIK-FIA International Licences


From 1st Jan 2017 the CIK/FIA have adopted a new age structure for International Karting Licences. The new age structure has seen the minimum age lowered and a new licence category introduced. 

There are three grades of C grade licence in 2017 with a new category of licence also being introduced. The three types of licence are C-Junior, C-Restricted and C-Senior. All three licences have specific limitations and considerations that must be adhered to. These include specific ages, experience and weight. 

The main change is that KartSport New Zealand is only permitted to issue a C-Junior licence under the following considerations: 

“The C-Junior, exclusively reserved for Junior categories, for Drivers between 12 years old (reaching their 12th birthday during the calendar year) and under 14 years of age on the date when the Licence is issued.” 

All Juniors wishing to compete overseas need to be aware of these regulations. Once you have turned 14 years of age we have no choice but to issue you with a Senior International Licence. This will have an effect on the events that you may wish to compete in overseas.

age chart 2017.jpg

Please familiarise yourself with the following CIK regulations: 


Competitors are reminded that they should make contact with the promoter of the event/events that they wish to compete in to determine the licence and age requirements for the events that they wish to enter. CIK/FIA Championship events may have different requirements to a domestic event in another country e.g. Italy.

Competitors in the NZRMC  also need to be familiar with BRP Rotax age requirements.

If you are wanting to apply for a C-Junior Licence and if you will be turning 14 during this year, YOU NEED TO MAKE YOUR APPLICATION TO KARTSPORT NEW ZEALAND FOR YOUR INTERNATIONAL C-JUNIOR LICENCE IN PLENTY OF TIME SO THAT IT CAN BE ISSUED TO YOU WHILE YOU ARE STILL UNDER 14 YEARS OF AGE. If has not been fully processed by the time of your 14th birthday then we have no choice but to issue you with a Senior Licence. 

Don’t wait until the last minute to make your application as obtaining an International Licence is more complicated than obtaining a KartSport New Zealand licence. You will require a medical assessment to be conducted by a licensed medical practitioner. 

See Application Forms HERE.

If you have any questions please contact admin@kartsport.org.nz

Credit: Karting Australia for content in this notice.


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