Cadet/Junior Restricted

New Age Group Brackets Announced


The 2013 National Conference endorsed KartSport New Zealand’s evaluation program and decision to amend the Class Age Group Brackets for Cadet and Junior Restricted. This change will bring the Junior Restricted class age bracket more into line with other countries.

The new age brackets will become effective from 01 January 2015 as follows:

•      Cadet: 6 to under 11 years.

•      Junior Restricted: 9 to under 13 years.

This change in applicable age ranges will coincide with the existing engine configurations of Raket (Cadet) and Yamaha (Junior Restricted) becoming non championship classes. These brackets will also apply to the respective classes running the Vortex Mini Rok engine from 01 January 2015.

Note: This change results in Junior Restricted no longer being an optional class between Cadet and Junior. The current Junior Classes age range remains unchanged ie 12 to under 17 years.


KartSport New Zealand