Cadet/Junior Restricted Classes Review Update

Over the last six months a team of 5 has been undertaking research and considering options regarding the future of the Cadet and Junior Restricted Yamaha classes. This team, under the chairmanship of Aarron Cunningham, has provided a solid foundation for the next phase of this project which will be managed to its conclusion by former Vice President, Graeme Moore, with assistance from the Executive. 

Graeme, who  was responsible for the Cadet Chassis Review undertaken in  2008, brings strong commercial management experience to the project. Graeme’s appointment also provides independent leadership.

KartSport New Zealand would like to take this opportunity to thank Aarron and his team for the time and effort put into this project and for the considerable progress made since April 2012.

Key target dates are:
Recommendations to the Executive.                                                 by 31-7-13

Proposal(s) including timetables recommended to Clubs,
at 2013 National Conference, for adoption.                                             24-8-13

Further announcements regarding this Review will be made as the project progresses. 




KartSport New Zealand