WSK Promotion has announced the first network carrying TV coverage of the World and European CIK-FIA Kart Championships. RAI Sport has confirmed its commitment for 15 hours of broadcast, with pre-recorded reports and special TV reports. Live broadcast of these same events will be on the web and there will be new broadcasting platforms in the forthcoming events.

RAI Sport has committed itself to the TV coverage of the European and World Championships and it will cover six events during the forthcoming season.

  • KZ1 and KZ2 European Championship, at Wackersdorf (DE) and Genk (BE)

  • KF and KF Junior European championship final round at Ortona (IT)

  • KF World Championship at the PF International Circuit (GB)

  • KZ World Championship and International KZ2 Super Cup at Varennes (FR)

  • KF Junior World Championship at Sarno (IT)

The RAI Sport TV scheduling will include the pre-recorded broadcast of each of the six events on Monday, lasting an hour and a half. Also, for the whole calendar, RAI Sport will produce a 40 minute special report to be aired every Friday after each of the eight events. In total, for the CIK-FIA World and European championships, there is 15 hours of TV scheduling.

Media coverage around the world will be on a web channel. Live broadcast of the events will be available on the Internet, for the coverage of the Finals of the six events. Further opportunities to watch the CIK-FIA races are being contemplated and new broadcasting platforms will be announced.

















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