Homologated Tyre List 2014-2016

The CIK-FIA has published the Homologated Tyre List for the period 2014-2016 inclusive. Tyres for this period have been subject to on track wear testing for both gearbox and non gearbox models.


The designations have changed:        "Prime" has replaced previous "Medium"
                                                            "Option" has replaced previous "Hard"

No "Soft" designation slick tyres have been homologated.


Tyres are categorised as being suitable for direct drive (F), gearbox (Z) or both (F/Z).


New Zealand competitors in KZ2, KF2 and the following NZ Rotax Max Challenge classes: 125cc Rotax Max Light and 125cc Rotax Max Junior should note the new homologation numbers.


CLICK HERE to download the 2014-2016 CIK Homologated Tyre List






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