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Dunlop KT14-W13 Chosen for Next Wet Tyre 

Contract Period

KartSport New Zealand is pleased to announce that the Dunlop KT14-W13 has been chosen for the next restricted Wet Tyre contract period. The tyre will be distributed in New Zealand  by Lascom Motorsport.KT14W13 wet pic set.png

The contract period is for four years ( 1 year longer than previous contract) from 1-1-18 to 31-12-21.

To help ease the transition for competitors, the current Dunlop KT12-SLW2 Wet tyre will remain eligible for all Club Day (Group F events) competition until 31-12-18. I.E. either tyre model can be used for Club Day competition from 1-1-18 to 31-12-18 inclusive.

Rule change details are published in Rule Changes Issue 2017-1.

The Japanese made Dunlop KT14-W13 is a currently CIK-FIA homologated tyre, speed rated to 200kph maximum and thus also suitable for optional use in KZ2 and Open classes. 

The Dunlop KT14-W13  is a current Spec wet tyre for the following Karting Australia classes: KA3, Junior Performance, KA2 and TaG125 Restricted.

The retail prices (fixed until 31-12-21) will be $345.90 (incl GST) per full set  and $320.60 (incl GST) per Cadet set.

KartSport New Zealand