General Manager - KartSport New Zealand

KartSport New Zealand  is seeking a talented energetic candidate to step up to the nationwide leadership, marketing and administration role. KartSport New Zealand is responsible for all CIK sanctioned karting nationwide and more importantly the challenge of delivering the sport to all genres of karters from “Clubbies” through keen regional competitors to Formula One aspirants as our young and old competing at more than 230 events across the nation and many more around the world.

With much of the product, classes and processes having been revised and restructured over recent years the emphasis is now on finding a proven performer who can lead what is effectively a very asset rich, multi-million dollar sport and yet one almost entirely staffed by volunteers (350+)

The emphasis going forward  requires 100% focus on building membership and increasing participation through closer partnerships with Clubs and suppliers, enhanced marketing coupled with strong strategic leadership and Club management mentoring. The successful applicant must be able to demonstrate evidence of such background including proven project driven outcomes and demonstrable management skills. Previous sports management, leadership experience will be preferred.

Top Ten

1.Employee and Club leadership and mentoring.
2.Brand, event and participant marketing including social media, events and PR.
3.Administration, Income generation and cost control.
4.Promotional partner acquisition, relationship management and results driven optimization.
5. KartSport Academy Management & Development.
6.Affiliate relationship maximisation. Club mentoring, support, communications and conferences.
7.Supplier and trade relations and contracting.
8.Governance: Including managing Inquiries, Appeals and all legal matters.
9.Ongoing Product development: Classes, engines, series and events including maintaining relevance and relativity to International rules and trends, Motorsport bodies, Sport NZ,  CIK-FIA, MSNZ, etc
10.Club & Competitor communication excellence.

Detailed Job Specification

The role's core responsibility is to uphold KartSport New Zealand's Values and Vision at all times and lead the day to day management of the sport.
Reports to KartSport New Zealand's Executive Chairperson.

Sport Management & Development

Mentor and assist Clubs to increase membership and event participation while reducing  membership turnover.
Develop and enhance KartSport New Zealand infrastructure, policies and procedures to fulfil the objectives in our Vision and Strategic Plans and guidance and directives from the Executive.
Work alongside affiliated Clubs to assist them to fulfil their role in helping meet the national objectives as well as assisting them meet their local goals and aspirations.
Champion the KartSport brand. Manage and promote the KartSport New Zealand brand amongst all stakeholders, especially the media and existing/potential sponsors. I.e. all internal and external communications.
Establish and manage karting trade and key supplier relationships and contracts.
Seek, develop, and manage sponsorship relationships and contractors in order to enhance revenue and promote the sport.
Facilitate planning for the future by recommending to the Executive strategies/changes to enhance the sport at all levels and to encourage increased participation.
Maintain and leverage all relationships with outside agencies that will assist KartSport New Zealand in achieving its Strategic Plan goals. I.e.; Sport New Zealand, MSNZ, Govt Depts. NZSSSC, etc.
Ensure the Executive, and karters in general, well informed on international practices and trends within the sport.
Special projects as decided by Executive from time to time.

Promotion and Publicity

Maintain regular, clear positive communication with members and stakeholders through whatever are the most effective combination of means be it: E-Line, social media, “ClubsShareSite", email, etc.
Directing policies for the operation of the official website and maintain content on, www.kartsport.org.nz.
Promote and manage income opportunities from advertising in E-Line and on www.kartsport.org.nz.
Planning and formulating a promotional strategy including advertising within P&P budget.
Manage contractors providing TV coverage/programs of key events.
Manage our contracted media company relationships with all key media channels.
Designing advertising and selecting publications for advertisements.
Seeking opportunities for extra media exposure through editorial, press releases, planned stories, media days with the press, motoring and motorsport publications and others.
Managing display/expo opportunities. Design and printing of promotional items.
Develop and maintain “promotional partnership” packs that can be utilised by KartSport, clubs and competitors alike.

Hosted Events

Liaison with host Clubs regarding sponsorship co-ordination, publicity and trophies.
Prepare and manage hosting contracts and bonds with Clubs.
Organising prize pools.
Invoicing host Clubs for entry fees and fuel/tyre levies as required.
On hand to manage signage, sponsor, social media and livestream activities.

National Conference

Manage entire process: Prepare/distribute Agenda, Notices of Motion, Nominations for Office and record and distribute timely Minutes. 

Judicial Matters

Assist from a secretarial standpoint the Judicial Panel and all parties to implement and fully understand KartSport policies, procedures and protocol as instructed by the Judicial Panel Chair.
Ensure that applications and fees are consistent with rules.
Distribute all documentation to parties as required.
Represent the organisation at civil hearings.


Prepare, attend and manage all administration duties at  Executive meetings.
Prepare & distribute Agenda and Minutes in a timely manner.
Prepare Executive Notices/Rule Changes.
Manage the KartSport New Zealand Manual.
Day to day communication with Executive Members on issues.
Keep National President and Executive well informed on national and international news relevant to the sport always highlighting key relevant points.
Maintain active communication and sports profile with MSNZ, CIK-FIA and KA as necessary.
Manage relationship with Sport NZ.
Prepare grant applications.


Manage day to day mail/email/digital correspondence to/from Clubs, Members, CIK, MSNZ, trade suppliers, etc.


Other projects as requested by President/Executive.
Overseas travel funding grant applications for competitors.
Organising and managing KartSport New Zealand’s various insurance policies.
Preparation and distribution of membership statistics on a regular basis.
Liaison with legal advisors.
Overall management/co-ordination of the sport’s IT requirements including databases and on-line functions.
Management of all supplier relationships including contracts.


Management of Competitions Manager's role.
Management of Sport Licensing/Accounting/Administration role (Office Manager).
Management of National Schools Co-coordinator role.
Management of the KartSport Academy Coaching Team

Remuneration Package

Salary and bonus consummate with the role.
Use of Motor vehicle for work related duties.
Mobile phone.
Laptop computer.


Consideration will be given to candidates resident outside Auckland.


Queries to:
National President, Graeme Moore  graeme@mooregroup.co.nz

Detailed work history
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