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Jeremy Dickson Appointed to the Executive


KartSport New Zealand is delighted to announce the appointment of Jeremy Dickson to the Executive effectiveimmediately.Jeremy Dickson 2 pic..jpg

Jeremy is 39 years old, married to Tammy and has a 4 year old son Emerson.

Originally from Sydney Australia, Jeremy has more than 20 years experience managing over 45 international motorsport events, along with the design and construction of eight motorsport facilities around the world.

After working as a director for Players Forsythe Racing Inc out of North America, he co-founded D3 Motorsport Development a motorsport services business. Jeremy worked with His Highness Sheikh Maktoum of Dubai to develop A1GP and continued on to manage the series for its inaugural and second season. His last venture was the co-founding and turn key service delivery of the FIA WTCC event in Marrakech, Morocco.

Jeremy is currently Manager - Major Events Development for ATEED and has recently joined KartSport Auckland and resumed karting.

Comment: "I believe karting is the purest form of motorsport, I am very excited to work with the KartSport community to further the sport and help implement any advancements or technologies that will improve its future as a whole.”

Jeremy’s initial focus will be on Risk Management, our Track and Complex Code and Event Optimisation. In particular overseeing, mentoring and leading as required those areas related to building new tracks and upgrading existing facilities to cope with modern event and competitor expectations.

Jeremy’s appointment has been made (under Regulation B11.3.9) to fill an existing vacancy and is valid until the 2017 National Conference. 

Jeremy’s contact details are:
Mobile: 021 026 50821
Email: jeremy_dickson@hotmail.com


Graeme Moore
National President

KartSport New Zealand