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Terms of Reference 

Junior and Senior Age Groups Class/Engine Review 2016


In line with the KartSport New Zealand Strategic, Plan Item 1, Sustainability and Growth, Strong Sustainable Classes and as previously announced, the Executive has determined that a review of Junior and Senior engines be undertaken.

The Briggs LO206 engine introduction, together with ongoing support in some Clubs of the Raket 120, means Junior and Senior grassroots level competitors are well catered for.

Currently mainstream Senior and Junior competitors can choose between the Rotax Max (TaG) and the Yamaha KT100 (Direct Drive) engines. However, both these engines have been subject to different market conditions and technical changes/upgrades over the years.

The Yamaha KT100 no longer has local manufacturer support and has lost significant market share for a variety of reasons including frequency/cost of rebuilds (perceived or otherwise).

Technical rule changes over the years (plus competitors/engine builders) have pushed this engine well beyond its original operating parameters and there is no turning back.

Participation at Championship and regional events has fallen dramatically in recent years. 

The engine is non-existent at regional (Top Half, Goldstar, Mainland) competition level and now only has variable local support at Club level and Dirt racing. While still raced in some regions of USA and in Japan, use in Australia is now restricted primarily to Club Day and Dirt racing.

No supply/technical stability/support agreement is in place with Yamaha.

The Rotax Max engine has faced continuous upgrades over the years and the EVO introduction in January 2015 has been followed by a series of further upgrades/changes including those announced in October 2016. A key feature of the Rotax Max engine has been the continuous changes/variations to barrels which has resulted in the endless quest by competitors to find the magic (perceived or otherwise) version.

The introduction of the EVO variant appears to have resulted in a drop off in Senior Rotax Max activity, however it is anticipated that the Rotax Max will remain a viable option for the foreseeable future for both Juniors and Seniors.

It is too early to understand the long term effect the recent introduction of the Rotax DD2 will have on the two Senior Rotax Max classes.

No supply/technical stability support agreement is in place with Rotax.

Objectives and Guidelines

·        To review options available with a view to replacing the Yamaha KT100 engine at Championship level for both Junior and Senior Age Groups.

·        To consider the merits or otherwise of adding another TaG style engine versus other concepts which may offer greater simplicity, lighter weight and a point of difference.

·        To consider the merits or otherwise of air cooled versus water cooled engines. (EG noise, ease of use, reliability, etc.)

·        All proposed new engine options to be “stock off the shelf” with nil or minimal modification allowed and manufacturer prepared specifications. Engines to have CNC machined ports.

·        All proposed new engine options must include the ability for KartSport New Zealand to establish a long term (minimum 6 years) supply/technical stability support agreement with the manufacturer.

·        Engines with existing history of use in other countries is mandatory.

·        Manufacturers that can offer marketing support and incentives/prizes for competitors preferred.

·        Engine manufacturers to have NZ distributor/technical support (either in place or detailed proposal to establish).

·        If considered necessary, to recommend a testing regime to evaluate short listed engine options.

·        To draft a set of generic specifications/requirements which could be used in a supplier contract for engines.

·        To recommend an implementation timetable (phase in/phase out/championship status).

Timetable                                                                                                                                             Date Due

·        Terms of Reference signed off by Executive:                                                                           5-11-16

·        Working Group members appointed:                                                                                       10-11-16

·        Public announcement ref project:                                                                                             1-12-16

·        Working Group paper/initial research completed:                                                                  15-2-17

·        Working Group “Next Steps” recommendation to Executive:                                                20-2-17

·        Executive Meeting:                                                                                                                     25-2-17

·        Short list of possible options prepared:                                                                                    TBC

·        Short listed manufacturers approached:                                                                                   TBC

·        Engines received for measurement and on track evaluation (if required):                              TBC

·        Testing completed (if required):                                                                                                  TBC

·        Working Group recommendations to Executive:                                                                        TBC

·        Executive decision:                                                                                                                        TBC

·        Contract with manufacturer signed                                                                                             TBC

·        Timetable for introduction announced:                                                                                       TBC

Expressions of Interest should be direct to (before 1-2-17):

KartSport New Zealand
PO Box 28219, Remuera
Auckland, New Zealand 1541
Email: admin@kartsport.org.nz


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