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KartSport New Zealand Reconsiders
Rotax EVO Implementation Timeline


Whilst leading the world with the introduction of the new Rotax DD2 EVO engine, KartSport New Zealand is taking a measured approach to additional new EVO engine implementation dates. With a major review already underway exploring options for a cost effective replacement for the Yamaha KT100, the introduction of the new 125 Rotax Max EVO engines represents a real challenge for racers nationwide.


Rotax enjoy a unique position in New Zealand with their Junior and Senior Rotax Max offering catering to both entry level and the elite. This means, as a national body, KartSport New Zealand must manage the conflict of expectations between elite racers with strong funding who demand the latest product and our entry and club class karters who look to us to protect their investment in existing machinery.


It is apparent current model stock of engines and parts clearly exists as a number of national bodies have delayed the introduction of the new EVO engines. Some until 2016, including the United Kingdom (JAG release 13-1-15) and France (for all National classes). All existing components and engines have been confirmed as available for supply from BRP-ROTAX for 2015 to these markets. Other countries are still considering implementation timetables. For example Karting Australia have announced the EVO engines will not be introduced before 1-7-15 and that this introduction will follow parity testing.


KartSport New Zealand’s previously proposed tentative implementation dates (1-3-15 for Club Days, 1-6-15 for series events and 1-7-15 for our Championship events) are now being reviewed to ensure they are still appropriate or whether the implementation should be delayed. KartSport New Zealand is mindful of the pressure on entry and club level karters in the current economic environment and the need to protect their existing investments no differently here in New Zealand than elsewhere in the world.


Negotiations with the supplier are due to commence shortly and will run concurrently with comparative testing of the new Rotax EVO engines in March/April as previously stated.



KartSport New Zealand Investigates New Engines for 2016

Late last year KartSport New Zealand launched a project to find a new, economical and reliable offering to reinvigorate entry level and club class racing.


Vice President Nick Buxeda heads up the team responsible for researching a sensible, easily operated and maintained option given Yamaha KT100 availability is expected to become tighter over coming years, especially following Karting Australia’s recent introduction of its new “pathway” engine (Iame KA100) options. Whilst the Yamaha KT100 will live on as a Club-day option for the foreseeable future, the sport is in desperate need of an alternative as an entry level or Club Day option.  A decision is expected by the second quarter of 2015 subject to satisfactory testing and supplier contracting.


Graeme Moore

National President

KartSport New Zealand




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