Latest Rotax Max Engine Updates 

(Update 2)

Further to BRP Rotax’s formal announcement of a further round of updates to Rotax Max engines KartSport New Zealand has commenced a review in conjunction with the NZ distributor, Right Karts, to address this transition as best we can for our members. We understand the changes are to address performance, parity and reliability issues following the introduction of the EVO engines in late 2015 early 2016. 

KartSport New Zealand has requested the distributor to formally submit a clear definition of all the facts associated with the upgrades including total clarity on the performance, reliability and parity factors. We are also seeking supply chain logistics in terms of introduction timing and stock. Clarity is also requested at to what costs members will incur including details on what Rotax & or Right Kart’s will absorb in terms of easing the transition.

Detailed recommendations in terms of KartSport New Zealand rule updates to accommodate any and all changes are also pending from the distributor. KartSport New Zealand technical teams and the Executive will then review and determine the best possible solution and instigate applicable rule changes as it sees fit.

As mentioned in Update 1, KartSport New Zealand will make every effort to keep the best interests of our members to the fore, at the same time accepting that BRP Rotax makes unilateral changes to engine components and configurations based on requirements and introduction dates that suit their own performance, production and marketing activity.

As of now KartSport New Zealand will bring forward its planned review of future junior and senior classes engines. The inevitable decline in the aging Yamaha KT100 and possibility of its ceasing production add to the imperative to commence consideration of how best KartSport New Zealand future proofs, and provides stability to, class engine options for its junior and senior competitors, as a number of other ASN’s around the world have done in recent years.

CLICK HERE for a link to a video regarding this latest BRP Rotax announcement.

CLICK HERE for a release bulletin from BRP Rotax regarding the changes.

Graeme Moore
National President
KartSport New Zealand

KartSport New Zealand