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Are You Ready for the New Judicial Code?
Effective 1 May


Further to the detailed announcement regarding the new Judicial Code made on 17 December 2014, all competitors and jcscales.pngguardians need to become familiar with the new Code which becomes effective for all events from 1 May 2015. Key features of the new Code include:

Standard Penalty Table:
There is now a new penalty table with standard penalties for consistency. While there is a minimum mandatory penalty listed, more serious incidents have further options within each penalty area. A competitor can expect to get the same penalty for an offence regardless of where the event is held.

Hearing Process Changed:
Under the new Code if a competitor does not accept an Official's decision and they want a hearing (effectively wanting to protest the decision) they will need to pay a fee for that privilege.

Shorter, More Effective Hearings:
Hearings will no longer use an adversarial system and all hearings will now be held under an inquisitorial system. The key thing here is that the process is designed for hearings to be faster and get to the truth.

No Witnesses:
Under the inquisitorial system we are only interested in hearing from the parties concerned and getting to the truth. There will be no more lines of witnesses outside the hearing room who may have all collaborated on what to say and no more spinning stories that do nothing except prolong unnecessarily the length of hearings.

New Penalty Notification/Request Form – PNR:
This form will replace the current FOC (Form of Complaint) and the Judge of Fact Report. Only one form is required now to be used in all situations – Officials Report, Judge of Fact and Competitor Protest.


CLICK HERE To download the new Judicial Code CLICK HERE To download the new Judicial Code Flow Chart




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