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New Judicial Code Released

KartSport New Zealand is pleased to announce the release of the new Judicial Code.

Following the mandate given by affiliated Clubs in August at the National Conference, the
Terms of Reference has been fulfilled with a ground breaking new foundation of fair play. Members and Officials will soon enjoy a clearer, simpler and faster judicial process that will deliver better results for all parties.  The Code delivers on new rules, a new more detailed penalty program and a revised, faster judicial process.


The new Judicial Code is being implemented after exhaustive research of not just our own sport here and overseas, but also our sister codes such as Motorsport New Zealand along with other organisations including Sailing NZ who have embraced simpler stronger judicial governance over recent years. 


This new initiative replaces the old, cumbersome, adversarial and convoluted system with a simpler cleaner more referee based management system. In order to ensure all competitors and Officials make a controlled and educated transition to the new Code, extensive training will be undertaken in the first quarter of 2015 with the implementation date set at 1 May 2015.


KartSport New Zealand wishes to thank the many parties who assisted in this process, in particular the Judicial Code Review Team: Colin Harris National Steward, John Lennox Competitions Manager, Aaron Cunningham drivers’ representative, Graeme Moore Chairman and National President.   We also acknowledge the assistance of many other sporting bodies in sharing their knowledge and advice including Motorsport New Zealand, the strategic guidance from Gary Payne and extensive administration input from Robert Hutton and the KartSport New Zealand Office.


This will be a new journey for us all as a sport. We have already received positive feedback on the new clarity and simplicity of the Code and at the same time note that these rules are not set in concrete and where necessary will be modified and improved as required for the betterment of all.



Graeme Moore

National President

KartSport New Zealand

CLICK HERE to download the new Judicial Code.CLICK HERE to download the new Judicial Code Flow Chart (1-5-15)

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