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New Rotax Max EVO Engines

This morning (30-11-14) KartSport New Zealand received, from the NZ Rotax Distributor, Right Karts, a promotional leaflet regarding the new Rotax Max EVO engines.

It is clear from this leaflet and other information now published by Rotax that the new EVO engines are more powerful and have improved drivability compared to the current NZ fleet of Rotax engines. Obviously this raises key issues regarding parity compared with the engines used in all current KartSport New Zealand Rotax classes.

Until such time KartSport New Zealand has had the opportunity to fully understand the impact these new engines may have, and decide on possible implementation date(s) for both the new EVO engines and "EVO upgrade kits", the Rotax Max EVO engines and various "EVO upgrade" components are not eligible for competition in the current respective KartSport New Zealand Rotax classes.




KartSport New Zealand