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Next Restricted Wet Tyre Contract Confirmed

KartSport New Zealand wishes to announce that the Wet Tyre for Restricted Tyre Classes (Rule L3.5 a) for the next contract period will be the current Dunlop KT12-SLW2.dunlop wet pic.png

The next contract period runs from 1-4-15 to 31-12-17 inclusive.

The over the counter recommended retail contract prices (incl GST) remain unchanged from current for the period of the contract. ie:

Full set (two front and two rear)    $316-00
Front tyre (single)                          $69-25
Rear Tyre (single)                          $87-25
Cadet Set (four front tyres)            $277-00

For detailed specifications CLICK HERE and go to the Restricted Tyres Section.




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