NZRMC and ProKart Series in 2019

During June 2018 KartSport New Zealand engaged with the promoters of the NZRMC and ProKart Series respectively in order that dates, venues and formats for the respective combined 2019 Series could be locked down prior to the National Conference in August, where each year Clubs work together, for the benefit of the sport overall, to establish the following year’s event calendar.

Both promoters had requests for change. Due to a desire by the NZRMC to return to single round weekends, but a need to retain the number of race starts to help satisfy Rotax requirements to generate more starts to assist in gaining “Rotax points” towards Grand Finals seats, it was agreed in principle by the National President (and later ratified by the Executive at its meeting on 24 August 2018) to allow six rounds in 2019. This dispensation was made despite Rule R1.15 which states a “maximum of five rounds”. 

NZRMC’s request to run Micromax and Minimax classes was declined on the basis this would not be in the best interests of the sport overall considering the number of competitors in these two age groups.

The final make up of six dates and venues for the 2019 NZRMC/ProKart Series was then, as normal, decided by the host Clubs at Conference. This is always a grand compromise, for the good of the sport overall, to fit the various needs of private and Club owned promoters, individual Clubs and our volunteer Officials resources. Providing Clubs work within the relevant Permit rules, KartSport New Zealand has a largely hands-off role in the calendar detail (apart from the dates/venues of our Championship events).

The 2019 Event Calendar from Conference, following checking by Clubs, was published on 19-9-18. The next formal step for series promoters is to have Round hosting contracts signed with each of the (six) host Clubs. We understand that SB Promotions (ProKart) have signed all six but that NZRMC have not done so.

On 11 September KartSport New Zealand received a letter from NZRMC effectively stating that unless the NZRMC’s requested changes (classes and dates/venues) could be accommodated the NZRMC would “make our own arrangements”.

KartSport New Zealand responded on 18 September confirming that the 2019 dates and venues would remain as decided by Clubs at Conference and reconfirming its decision regarding Micromax and Minimax. KartSport New Zealand offered to assist NZRMC in negotiations with Rotax on matters particular to the (small) NZ market. In summary KartSport New Zealand requested; “So that all involved in the sport, including host Clubs, competitors, your co-promoter and the karting trade, can plan 2019 with some certainty, we request your formal advice as to whether you plan to proceed with the 2019 NZRMC, as noted on the 2019 Event Calendar at Conference and as previous, or not, before 30 September 2018.”

Despite a reminder, on 1 October, no response has been forthcoming from NZRMC.

ProKart, Clubs, competitors, our Officials and the karting trade are keen to organise their respective 2019 racing programmes. We now anticipate other promoters to potentially accommodate competitors needs and to assist Clubs to retain the viability of the events confirmed on the 2019 Event Calendar at the August National Conference with events run under respective Series and Event Permits issued by KartSport New Zealand.


Graeme Moore
National President






KartSport New Zealand