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Practice and Vintage Licences


Practice Makes Perfect

New Practice Licences effective 01 January 2015.

Following a review of KartSport New Zealand’s insurance and coupled with the soon to be released new Health and Safety requirements for Clubs and volunteer organisations, the decision has been made to introduce a Practice Licence for a nominal fee of $30 per annum. This new Practice Licence and fee is solely for those karters who are at the early stages of trying KartSport and who do not wish to move straight to a full Competition Licence.  The advantages for all are that these karters will now be covered under our insurances and, more importantly, so will the host Club and its administrators and volunteers. It also allows KartSport New Zealand to embrace and communicate with these practice only karters and ensure that all participants, when on track with other existing KartSport New Zealand members, fall under our common universal compliance especially in terms of safety matters including apparel, equipment etc.  Practice Licence members will be encouraged to move to full Competition Licence status and the Practice Licence fee will be able to be credited against the cost of a full Competition Licence.

CLICK HERE for Practice Licencing Rules.


Vintage Karting Embraced by KartSport New Zealand

With Vintage Karting New Zealand (VKNZ) the latest Club to affiliate to KartSport New Zealand, work has progressed with speed to embrace the genre and allow authorised and sensibly managed inclusion of Vintage karts into existing KartSport New Zealand events and for VKNZ to develop their own stand alone events.

Extensive review research and creativity has been undertaken with a working group led by KartSport New Zealand  President Moore and including VKNZ President and KartSport New Zealand Life Member Mark Jenkinson, KartSport New Zealand Life Member Laurie Lester and KartSport New Zealand’s Chief Scrutineer Warwick Parkes to formulate a simple set of rules that now gives clarity and compliance to this exciting new opportunity to enjoy karting’s yesteryears on todays tracks. With a number of Clubs eager to host Vintage Demonstrations it was imperative we developed a Safe-Affordable-Fun set of guidelines that allows our members to experience both the spectacle and the thrill of seeing these fantastic heritage machines enjoyed on track by both young and old karters around the country


CLICK HERE for Vintage Licencing Rules

CLICK HERE for Section V - Vintage Rules




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