ProKart Round Four KZ2 Final Incident

Following the incident that occurred at the start of the KZ2 Final at Round Four of the ProKart Series at Bay of Plenty the following has been compiled and procedures have been put into place to avoid this happening again during the start of a KZ2 race.

A number of factors lead to the incident:

The weather and track conditions:
While it wasn’t raining excessively or flooding on the track surface, racing was more than justified to continue. Visibility was lower than normal at times in most races for  all classes at the event that day due to competitors leaving the track surface and driving back on bringing with them mud combined with the rain reducing visibility.

Race start and kart recovery:
The driver of the stalled kart towards the rear of the grid had raised his hand to indicate he had stalled, upon review the race start should have been aborted. The driver of the stalled kart attempted to re start his kart and when this failed he tried to move his kart but couldn’t remove it completely off the track before the rest of the field completed their first lap.

Mud on the track reduced visibility:
Two yellow flags were displayed at flag points but were not seen or complied with by the competitors. The low kerbs in some places around this track don’t encourage competitors to stay off the kerbs which allows competitors to drive partially across the grass. Higher kerbs will stop competitors from cutting the corners and will help to eliminate holes or ruts on the infield side of the kerbs.


For the 2019 Series ProKart are introducing a new clause into their Supplementary Rules. This will require all new drivers to the series to have attended training with a driving instructor. This will include learning the start procedure, push starting themselves and best practice in regards to removal of their karts from the track. The intention is to ensure all new drivers are fully educated in how to deal with these situations.

I will be informing the KartSport New Zealand Race Officials (this has been done at all subsequence rounds of the series) to make calls sooner to abort a start and if in doubt call it. Also for better communication between the red & green flag operators and the Race Director. The red and green flag operators have been instructed if safe to do so to help a competitor that is struggling to remove their kart from the track.

A general reminder for everyone - At all events competitors need to comply with a yellow flag which means “Caution Reduce Speed” or a waved Yellow Flag means “Extreme caution be prepared to stop”


Warrick Parkes
Competitions Manager

11 October 2018



KartSport New Zealand