Push Back Front Nose Cones Guidelines 

Refer to Rules K1.42, K1.42.1 or K3.16, K3.16.1 and all classes C9.3, C9.4.2.3 Table of Penalties.

From the commencement of qualifying and or racing, each competitor must enter the Out Grid area with the nose cone in position with the nose cone retaining clips loosened on their kart ready for inspection. You may also be required to remove your nose cone for further inspection of the front bumper bars, nose cone clamps or nose cone. The nose cone must be of sound construction, unmodified, with a uniform and smooth surface. The only holes permitted are those exhibited on a new OEM item. 

The Pit Crew member or the competitor themselves must secure the nose cone, the nose cone clamps can only be closed by hand force, no tools are allowed. This is done in the Out Grid area under the supervision of a Judge of Fact. (Either a Race Official, Technical Officer or other appointed person.) The decision of the Out Grid Judge of Fact as to correct mounting (or not) cannot be protested.

The nose cone (using the Mounting Kit) must be in the correct position at all times when on track (I.e. from time the kart leaves the Out Grid until it returns to the In Grid.)

At the conclusion of competition, competitors must remain seated in their karts (with their brake on) on the In Grid until their nose cone position has been checked by a Judge of Fact and until they have been instructed by the Judge of Fact (Either a Race Official, Technical Officer or other appointed person.) to get out of their kart.

If the Judge of Fact reports that the nose cone on one or more karts was no longer in the correct position when the kart returned to the In Grid, in all race situations a time penalty of 5 seconds for Cadet and Vortex Mini Rok and 10 seconds for all other classes will be imposed automatically on the competitor(s) concerned. In the case of Qualifying the competitor(s) concerned will have his/her two fastest lap times from the respective Time Trial deleted.

The time penalty, or loss of fastest lap times in a Time Trial, cannot be protested, it is a Judge of Fact.

Should a competitor be found/proved to have intentionally replaced/readjusted a nosecone which is not installed correctly during competition including after the “chequered flag” was waved or on the In Grid, he/she will be excluded from the respective event.

The imposition of the mandatory time penalty, or loss of the two fastest lap times in Qualifying, does not mean that further penalties won’t be applied (via the normal judicial process) for breaches of driving and/or other behaviour rules.

Nose cones, fitting kits and bars which have been tampered with will result in the respective competitor being excluded from the event and further penalties may also apply. (See Rule C9.4.2.3 Technical Infringements Considered to be Deliberate.)

Nose cones are to be left in the pushed back position until viewed by the respective parent/guardian. Such viewing to be after the weighing procedure has been completed.

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CLICK HERE for a Supplementary Rule regarding Push Back Nosecones

Warrick Parkes
Competitions Manager




KartSport New Zealand