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Restricted Dry Tyre Contract 2017-2019

Late last year KartSport New Zealand commenced preparation for the next Restricted Dry Tyre Contract for classes running to Rule L3.5 (a).

Stage 1 of this process, tyre testing and evaluation, is now complete and tyres have been selected to proceed to Stage 2 which includes commercial matters. 

Decisions regarding the tyre selected for the period 1-1-17 to 31-12-19 will be made before the end of May 2016, and announced soon after this date.


All competitors and the karting trade should note that there will be a change as the current MG-AZ tyre was not amongst those submitted for this contract period. IE the current MG-AZ tyre will not be eligible for its current respective classes from 1-1-17 onwards.






KartSport New Zealand