Rotax DD2 Class

Further to the proposal submitted by KartSport Mt Wellington in Rules Round 28 to establish a DD2 class and a DD2 Masters class, the proposal was discussed in detail by Delegates at the 2014 National Conference on 30/31 August. Rotax have made it clear that to retain the two current DD2 drives at the 2015 Rotax Grand Finals our drivers must have contested the respective DD2 class in New Zealand.

The Executive is aware a number of competitors are keen to make decisions about what class they wish to race in 2015, and in particular their class for the 2015 NZRMC Series, and therefore wishes to confirm the following:

Two new classes will be established for rounds of the NZRMC Series ONLY.

    DD2 with MAW of 173kg

    DD2 Masters with MAW of 180kg (at Rotax Masters minimum age)

Detailed specifications will follow in a future Rule Update as normal.




KartSport New Zealand