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Rotax EVO Loom Replacement

During December KartSport New Zealand was advised by Right Karts, NZ Rotax Distributor, of a pending Rotax EVO loom replacement programme planned to roll out in 2016 once supplies of replacement looms arrived in New Zealand. Latest shipping information is that these replacement items will now arrive in New Zealand late February 2016. The plan was to then agree a 3 month period within which all current EVO looms/brackets must be swapped for the replacement models.

Today (26 January) we have been informed by Right Karts that the the latest shipment of new engines to arrive in NZ already has the new looms/brackets included. Therefore the National Technical Officer has agreed to the following:

Effective 1 February 2016 the replacement EVO loom/brackets can be used in competition on Rotax EVO engines.

All Rotax EVO engines must be fitted with the replacement EVO loom/brackets for all competition from 1 May 2016.

KartSport New Zealand Specifications have been updated accordingly. See Rule Changes 2016-1 below.

NOTE: The replacement items are free of charge and competitors should contact their local Rotax dealer to arrange the swap.

Fitting Instructions below:

Retrofit Instructions for Rotax Max 125 engines

Retrofit Instructions for Rotax DD2 engine

Rule Changes 2016-1 published 4-2-16













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