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Rotax Clarification Ref VROOM Article


Clarification from Michael Obernberger, Sales & Marketing, Rotax Kart Engines

As you might know Vroom published an article about a test with a Tillotson carburettor on a Rotax engine.

We want to point our some very important tasks regarding this report:

- Rotax was not present at this test and has not initiated those test.

- Rotax will not launch a new engine with a Tillotson carburettor, Dell´Orto will be still stay the supplier of the carburettor.

- a Tillotson carburettor is not an original accessory of a Rotax kart engine and therefore not allowed to be used in the RMC.

- using a Tillotson carburettor will cancel all warranty claims of Rotax kart engines.

Remark: in the diagram (page 88) you can see that maximum revs will be reached earlier with the Tillotson but the maximum speed with the Dell´Orto is higher (6 km/h). After an analysis the gear ratio must be different on those two carburettors! Therefore the results published in Vroom cannot be compared in any case!

Further the gear ratio is not mentioned and that makes all results hard to analyze.


Finally, please note that Rotax is not changing anything on the carburettor-supplier.


Communication supplied by Gavin Bright, Right Karts 








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