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2015 ProKart KZ2 Masters and KZ2 Restricted Grids

Following feedback from competitors and Officials at Round 1 of the 2015 NZRMC and ProKart Series at Rotorua, KartSport New Zealand has determined that for Round 2 the Chief Steward will exercise his powers under Section C2.8 as follows:

The DD2 and DD2 Masters classes and KZ2 Masters and KZ2 Restricted classes grids for the two Heats will be established based on Time Trial times combined respectively. I.E. Fastest to the front of the grid regardless of whether they are DD2 or DD2 Masters or KZ2 Masters or KZ2 Restricted respectively.

The grids for the respective Pre Finals will be based on points established from the combined finishing positions in the two Heats.

The grids for the Finals will be based on the combined finishing positions in the Pre Finals respectively.

An appropriate Official Notification will be published before Round 2 of both Series commences.

Post Round 2 the outcome of this decision will be reviewed by the National Steward and the Competitions Department and, if deemed a better option than griding as per Rule J2.24, will be implemented via an additional Supplementary Rule for the remainder of both Series.

John Lennox
Competitions Manger





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