NZ Rotax Max Challenge Ltd Affiliation Cancelled


Following the public announcement on 16 November 2018 by NZ Rotax Max Challenge Ltd (Company #4689679) that it intends to run the 2019 NZRMC and/or event(s) independent of KartSport New Zealand’s Regulations and Rules, the KartSport New Zealand Executive, following considerable discussion with NZRMC and discussion direct with BRP/Rotax, has determined that the NZRMC is in breach of KartSport New Zealand’s Regulations and Rules, and indeed in breach of its own Constitution, clause 43 below:

            43 Dealing with Motorsport Bodies
The Company shall recognise KartSport New Zealand Incorporated as the sole governing body of Kartsport within New Zealand.

On the 11 December 2018 KartSport New Zealand advised NZRMC that, unless a public retraction of the intention to run series/events outside KartSport New Zealand’s Regulations and Rules was made before 17 December 2018, the NZRMC’s affiliation would be cancelled under Regulation B10.3.6.

No public retraction has been made so consequently the Executive has cancelled the affiliation of the NZ Rotax Max Challenge Ltd effective immediately.

KartSport New Zealand is disappointed that circumstances have led to this outcome especially given the exception given to NZRMC Ltd run an additional (6th) round in the proposed 2019 series, however deadlines for acceptance have now well and truly passed and it is important that all competitors and affiliated Clubs understand that our insurances, competition rules, safety standards, technical specifications, judicial processes and other rules/procedures only respond at events permitted by and run to KartSport New Zealand Regulations and Rules.

CLICK HERE for a previous statement (6 October 2018) from KartSport New Zealand regarding this matter.

Graeme Moore
National President






KartSport New Zealand