Rule Changes Issue 2018-4

The KartSport New Zealand Executive has released Rule Changes Issue 2018-4.

This Issue includes:
Update to Rule C5 Inquiries from our new Judicial Panel.
Clarification regarding Road Licence Ratings, Rule D3.2.1.
Notice of forthcoming "GILTRAP GROUP" decal for the front console, Rule G4.3.
Clarifications regarding Rear Bumper Rule K1.6.
Clarification regarding Steering Hub Rule K1.28 to permit latest manufacturer options.
Clarifications regarding Push Back Nosecones Rule K1.42.1 including an alternative mounting kit.
Clarification regarding Rule K1.43.3, Side Pod Attachment to Chassis to permit OEM manufacturer methods.
Clarifications regarding Vortex ROK DVS Technical Specifications, Rule N2 following recommendations from the Technical Officers' seminar.
Addition of alternative, purpose designed, wet covers for Vortex Mini ROK intake silencer, Rule N10.6.
Clarifications regarding Junior and Senior Rotax Max and Rotax DD2 spark plugs.
Update to Tyre and Fuel Testing Fee for hosted Championship events, Rule T2.

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KartSport New Zealand