Rule Changes Issue 2019-1

The KartSport New Zealand Executive has released Rule Changes Issue 2019-1.

This Issue includes:

Clarification of procedure for testing chassis tube wall thickness and axle wall thickness.
New Mini 950 chassis rules.
Updated Cadet ROK and Vortex Mini ROK class rules.
Updated KZ4 rules.
Updated Pace car and Safety car rules for SuperKart events.
Updated Out Grid Rule for Sprint events.
Updated to Overflow Container and Carburettor vents Rules.
Updated of Front Console Rule.
Clarification ref Digatron Fuel Testing.
Update to Vortex Kiwi Mini ROK start/stop buttons.
Clarification ref Rotax clutches.
New National Endurance Championships Rules.
Update to Fees and Levies.

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KartSport New Zealand