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Seeking: Permits Manager  

Regrettably Graham Wildgoose has stepped down from this position effective immediately. Applications are eagerly sought for this important position which reports to new Competitions Manager Warrick Parkes. 


Calendar Planning
Assist the Competitions Manager with the annual Club planning process to ensure event locations, dates, frequency meet a sustainable model for KartSport New Zealand as whole. This role reports to the Competitions Manager.

Permit Management
Continue to develop, enhance and optimize the permit application, approval and publication process. Instruct and coach clubs and promoters in the correct application process and criteria. 

Key Tasks: 

•       Set up the permit status spreadsheet following the setting of the calendar annually at Conference. 

•       Establish due dates for all permit applications to be submitted. 

•       Process all Clubs annual Club Day Group F permits. 

•       Send reminders monthly to all Clubs regarding permit due dates.

•       Work with Clubs and Promoters to complete Series Permits and Supp Rules.

•       Process all permit applications, approve supplementary rules as required by Rules B14.5 and B15.1 of the Constitution, ensure event personnel are appointed and approved by the NS and NTO as per the Group E event requirements documentation and issue permits.

•       Consider and approve if acceptable all applications for Demonstration/Vintage permits.

•       Maintain an online register of permit application progress

Applications and/or Queries:

Please contact: Warrick Parkes +64 27 739 6705       wparkes@xtra.co.nz





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