The CIK prepares for 2014

While we are waiting for the outcome of the KF and KF-World Junior Championships in Bahrain, the 2013 karting season is nearing the end. A report can already be drawn up while actively preparing for 2014.

This year has marked a turning point in CIK-FIA international competitions with the arrival of WSK Promotion as an official promoter for the CIK-FIA, and increasing the standard of the organization of meetings is the purpose of the cooperation with Luca De Donno.

"WSK Promotion has undeniably made significant improvements to our events," said Shaikh Abdulla Bin Isa Al Khalifa, President of the CIK-FIA. "The difference is visible when you arrive in a European Championship or World Championship paddock. The presentation of the circuits, the warm welcome and the service provided to competitors and those accompanying them have increased significantly. "

"However, we are aware that we can, and must, do better," said the Vice-President of the CIK-FIA, Kees van de Grint. "Especially in the area of cost control".

Discussions on improving the running of CIK-FIA Championships for the 2014 season began long ago in the sporting working group. The proposals made were accepted by the Commission and an agreement was finally reached with the promoter to the benefit of competitors.

Here are the main changes to the sporting and technical regulations:

- Reduced entry fee by about 20%.

- Removal of the deposit at registration (except for the Academy Trophy).

- Reduction of the duration of meetings: Installing the paddock on Wednesday, free practice from Thursday, timed qualifying on Friday afternoon.

- Reducing the number of tyres allowed from free practice to the final, four new sets for the KF, KZ and KZ2 categories, three new sets for KF Junior and two new sets for the Academy Trophy. All drivers may use a set of tyres to start free practice.

- Introduction of a Wild Card for drivers who wish to participate in a single event of a championship that has several events.

- Deadline extended to five weeks before the first race and at a higher entry fee rate when registering no later than one week after the deadline.

- Removal of one of the two prefinals if the number of entries is less than 75.

- Removal of the parc ferme tyres, tyres will be equipped with a barcode and controlled with the MiniRae Lite device.

The 2014 CIK-FIA calendar will have only one event for each World KF, KZ and KF Junior Championships, the European Championships will be held over four events in KF and KF-Junior, three events in KZ, KZ2 and the Academy Trophy, and two events in Superkart.

May 11; La Conca (ITA)

CIK-FIA European KF Championship, 1st round

CIK-FIA European KF-Junior Championship, 1st round

June 1; Zuera (ESP)

CIK-FIA European KF Championship, 2nd round

CIK-FIA European KF-Junior Championship, 2nd round

June 15; Genk (BEL)

CIK-FIA European KF Championship, 3rd round

CIK-FIA European KZ Championship, 1st round

CIK-FIA European KZ2 Championship, 1st round

CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy, 1st round

July 13, Wackersdorf (DEU)*

CIK-FIA European KZ Championship, 2nd round

CIK-FIA European KZ2 Championship, 2nd round

CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy, 2nd round

27 July; Kristianstad (SWE)

CIK-FIA European KF-Junior Championship, 3rd round

CIK-FIA European KZ Championship, 3rd round

CIK-FIA European KZ2 Championship, 3rd round

August 3; Assen (NLD)

CIK-FIA European Superkart Championship, 1st round

August 31; PF International (GBR)

CIK-FIA European KF Championship, 4th round

CIK-FIA European KF-Junior Championship, 4th round

September 21; Essay (FRA)

CIK-FIA World KF ChampionshipCIK-FIA World KF-Junior Championship

October 5; Val de Vienne (FRA)

CIK-FIA European Superkart Championship, 2nd round

October 12; Sarno (ITA)

CIK-FIA World KZ Championship

CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy, 3rd round

CIK-FIA International KZ2 Super Cup

* subject to final validation

All these decisions must be validated by the next World Motor Sport Council.


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