Two Lucky South Island Karters
Enjoy a Morning at Ruapuna

Christchurch karter Chris Cox and Dunedin karter Blair Hall enjoyed a morning at Ruapuna last Thursday driving a Formula ruapunaff15.jpgFord as part of the prize they won for their performance at the 2014 South Island Sprint Championships at Dunedin in October.

John Crawford and his team at Motorsport Solutions put both young men at ease by taking them on a drive around the track to point out braking zones and race lines before they went solo behind the wheel of Tony Fitzpatrick’s Stealth Formula Ford.  In the four sessions each had on the track both drivers brought their lap times down and became more and more comfortable in the car. 

They agreed that the prize was a fantastic opportunity and would like to thank John Crawford from Motorsport Solutions in Christchurch for sponsoring the prize and Tony for letting them use his car for the experience.





Report and pic: L Cox




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