Vega XM Tyres for SuperKarting


This morning (24-3-17) KartSport New Zealand became aware of a change to the speed rating on the latest CIK-FIA homologation papers for the Vega XM tyre, which is the current control tyre for two SuperKart classes (KZ2 and National 250 Division 1). 

For a number of previous homologation periods the Vega XM was rated to 200kph maximum. At the time the current contract was awarded the CIK-FIA Homologation Papers for all the 2017-19 tyres were not published. The homologation papers for the latest Vega XM (11/P/19 & 12/P/19) show 180kph maximum.

Vega have just advised KartSport New Zealand that the tyre is essentially unchanged from the last homologation, but that the lower limit was put in place to discourage use on very fast European road circuits where speeds of up to 230kph had been recorded on the tyre.

Effective Immediately

Until further notice competitors in the Superkart KZ2 and National 250 division one classes, should they consider the new 180 kph limit for the latest Vega XM is too low for their kart, have the option of using another 5" tyre with a suitable speed rating . (Note: National 250 division one competitors already have the option of using a 6" tyre).

5" options include:

MG-FZ (2014-16 homologation numbers 5/P/16 & 6/P/16 and 2017-19 homologation numbers 21/P/19 & 22/P/19) all of which are rated to 200kph maximum.

Dunlop DFH (2017-19 homologation numbers 41/P/19 & 41/P/19) and Dunlop DFM (2017-19 homologation numbers 39/P/19 & 40/P/19) all of which are rated to 200kph maximum.

KartSport New Zealand apologises for the timing of this announcement just prior to Round 1 of the KartSport SuperKart Drivers Series, however it has taken a few hours to confirm the facts.

Should competitors have any questions regarding this announcement they should contact Warrick Parkes, National Technical Officer, 027 739 6705, wparkes@xtra.co.nz in the first instance.

KartSport New Zealand