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The Rok Cup International Final gave us fantastic finals and new big names. It’s Nicola Abrusci from Bari, Puglia, Italy, the newABRUSCIMINIROK.jpg personality of the just-end edition. The lively elf Nicola perfectly performed in the weekend where the Mini Rok category has shown up the value of the Vortex category, both under technical and sporting aspects.  The most uncertain category of the eleventh edition of the Rok Cup International 2013 was the Mini, full of overtakings and strategy.

It’s the Italian driver Nicola Abrusci taking the place of the South-African Clinton Bezuidenhout in the Mini Rok class.
The twelve-year-old boy from Bari was spectacular and got the best of over the best world’s Rokkers.
Let’s go step by step and re-experience the fight of the Mini Rok drivers in the four days of the Rok Final at the South Garda circuit.
The pole position is of Domenico Cicognini, protagonist of the Rok Cup Italy and one of the most favourite drivers at the eve of the event already. Cicognini  signs an amazing 49.815, followed by another leader of the Rok season, Leonardo Marseglia.
What is soon clear is that after the qualifying heats the gaps are smallest and to lead the competition will be very difficult to everybody. Musyaff Bin Abdul Gafar Muizzuddin, known as “Muizz”, is extraordinary in the heats and as a striker wins three competitions out of four and takes the second place once.
The poleman Cicognini is fast, but not as perfect as his rival so with one less victory gains the second position in the definitive rankings. Nicola Abrusci, Nigel De Sanctis, the Rok Talent driver Tommaso Sciarra and Stuart White head he chasers a little bit hanging back.
The format of the Rok Cup International Final 2013 edition wants two prefinals. In the first one Muizz gives way to the brilliant drivers Sciarra and Abrusci. In prefinal 1 also Marseglia is also up to snuff. He delays a little in the bagarre and ends with a sixth position, but his best lap 50.321 makes us think positive about his potential.
Amongst the famous victims of the first prefinal are, between others, the Rok Cup Italy’s champion Lapo Nencetti.
Cicognini wins the second prefinal, with a perfect performance ahead of Noha Watt and Nigel De Sanctis.
Not so close is Stuart, followed by the other drivers closing the gap Francesco Comanducci and Pylka Mateusz, both with a very good recovery after not so good heats.
In the very final Sciarra jumps, the young Rokker is aiming at conquering the title and willing to do a good performance under the Rok Talent Award’s jury panel and he does not miss the good start.
In the first bends Sciarra is strong and leads Abrusci, Muizz, Watt and Cicognini. The last one, jumped from the first row soon understands that his rival is stealing his thunder.
Now the situation is burning hot after four laps only and the leading position change in a few hundreds of meters. Muizz and Watt squeeze in Abrusci and reach in just a few meters the leader Sciarra, overtaking him and leaving him behind.
The next lap everything seems to be in favour of Watt, for whom acting runs in the family, who takes the leading position over the other CRG driver Muizz and runs off gaining a good gap.  
The chequered flag is close and Watt is running the show, Muizz stays strong and Abrusci is studying his rivals more and more close to them.
At the eighth lap the winning attack of the future champion starts. Abrusci achieves Muizz at the bend of the “mechanics” with a perfect tactic and runs fast to the leader.
Watt correctly resists but Abrusci is very determined and at the ninth lap he takes the leading of the race and takes flight to the Rok International 2013 title. Watt does not give up, he has many rivals behind his shoulders, Muizz, Marseglia, Cicognini and Azman Nazim.
In the bends of the South Garda circuit, at the ninth passage, Watt performs an excellent overtaking of Abrusci and takes back the top position. Now the leading group is compact and in one lap, the tenth the leading goes to Watt, Watt, Marseglia and Abrusci. Muizz, Cicognini and Nazim in the last hundreds meters are run close to the first three drivers but at any outstrip trajectories are crossing at millimetre, with no excess..
Abrusci wins a fantastic final ahead of Watt and Nazim, author of a final unmistakable sprint, and the best lap.

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Rok Cup International 2013 Champions are: Abrusci (Mini Rok), Bär (Rok), Cinti (Super Rok) and Bonetti (Rok Shifter).

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