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The final round of this year's CRC Speedshow-sponsored Top Half kart series in Auckland this weekend looks set to be the biggest yet.14CRCTopHalfRnd3CadetJackProctorOliverYoungandClayOsborne-1 jpg.jpg


"That's right," said series spokesperson Jared Lawson. "It looks like the final number could be around the 140 mark this weekend."


The annual series sees competitors from nine KartSport clubs across the upper North Island, from Whangarei in the north, Tokoroa the south and all points inbetween, battle each other for individual class as well as collective club honours.


Heading into the final of four rounds at the KartSport Auckland club's Strata Networks Raceway in Avondale this Sunday, KartSport Mt Wellington club members lead the points standings in four of the nine classes but four other clubs - from the sizable KartSport Hamilton to the much smaller, Eastern Bay of Plenty - have members leading the other five.


It's also still very close at the top too, with KartSport Tokoroa's Bradley Tyrrell leading 125cc Rotax Max Heavy by just one point from clubmate Caleb Hartley, and KartSport Hamilton club member Suvarn Naidoo leading Formula Junior by just five points from KartSport Auckland driver Dylan Smith.


With the support of CRC Speedshow and a number of other sponsors the annual Top Half Series is one of the best supported regional competitions on the New Zealand KartSport calendar. One of the reasons is the prize pool which this year includes $5000 worth of cash prizes to class place-getters, a custom-painted Arai helmet, and a set of MG tyres.


Competitors in this year's series also have sponsor CRC Speedshow's annual automotive and motorsport expo to look for. It is being held at Auckland's ASB Showgrounds over the July 19-20 weekend.


2014 CRC Speedshow  Top Half Kart Series

Top Half 2014

Class points after three of four rounds

Cadet Raket
1. Fynn Osborne (Ham) 546 points; 2. Connor Davison (Ham) 540; 3. Billy Frazer (MtW) 535; 4. Blake Austin (Rot) 520; 5. Clay Osborne (Ham) 515; 6. Jack Proctor (MtW) 507

Cadet ROK
1. Cullern Thorby (Rot) 564 points; 2. Dylan Grant (MtW) 554; 3. Gemma Winters (BoP) 530; 4. Noah Skipps (Wr) 522;  5. Mason Potter (MtW) 518 ; 6. Bradley Ayres (Rot) 498

Jnr Restricted 100cc Yamaha
1. Liam Lawson (MtW) 550 points; 2. Lee Zeltwanger (MtW) 543; 3. Sam Wright (Ham) 522; 4. Rianna O'Meara-Hunt (Rot) 515; 5. Brandon Lambert (Tok) 498; 6. Hunter Cheetham (BoP) 478

Vortex Mini ROK
1. Ben Morrison (MtW) 566 points; 2. Riley Jack (Rot) 550; 3. Heidi Benner (BoP) 539; 4. Douglas Harvey (EBoP) 144

Formula Junior
1. Suvarn Naidoo (Rotax, Ham) 545 points; 2. Dylan Smith (Rotax, Ak) 540; 3. Taylor Harte (Rotax, BoP) 534; 4. Daniel Talbot (Rotax, MtW) 516;  5. Joseph Terry (Rotax,  Rot) 482; 6. Kyle Krissansen (Rotax, MtW) 480

Class Club 120
1. Graham Knight (EBoP) 555 points; 2. Steve Muggeridge (EBoP) 551; 3. Richard Macey (Wr) 525; 4. Steve Carter (Wr) 507; 5. Keith Rawlinson (EBoP) 503; 6. Paul Farmer (Rot) 491

Rotax Light 28 entries
1. Corey Green (BoP) 540 points; 2. James Blair (MtW) 524; 3. Jason Butterworth (MtW) 496; 4. Matthew Harris (Rot) 495; 5. Oscar Grant (MtW) 488; 6. Tony Kinsman (MtW) 483

Rotax Heavy 19 entries
1. Bradley Tyrrell (Tok) 549 points; 2. Caleb Hartley (Tok) 548; 3. Stuart Gould (Rot) 533; 4. Keith Wilkinson (MtW) 523; 5. Joseph Ganley (Ak) 512; 6. Darren Walker (BoP) 489

Open 15 entries
1. CJ Sinclair (MtW) 551 points; 2. Teddy Bassick (Ham) 509; 3. Snow Mooney (MtW) 339; 4=. Graeme Lambert (Tok) 145; 4=. Mark Elder (Ak) 145; 6. Darren Aislabie (Rot) 142



Jack Proctor (#91) leads Oliver Young and Clay Osborne in a Cadet Raket class race at the CRC Speedshow Top Half Series round at Edgecumbe in March.  Photo credit: Fast Company/Emilee Wright.


Rnd 1: Sun Feb 16 The Rock FM Raceway Mamaku Rotorua

Rnd 2: Sun March 09 AgriSea Raceway Hamilton

Rnd 3: Sunday March 30 KartZone Raceway Edgecumbe BoP

Rnd 4: Sunday June 22 Strata Networks Raceway, Rosebank Domain Auckland

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