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The 2014/15 Bayleys WPKA Goldstar Series is going down to the wire at the final round in the Hawke's Bay this weekend with just one point between the leader and runner-up in three of the seven classes and single point differences in the other four.1415BayleysGoldstarRnd2JunYamBayleyWalkerleadsRonanMurphyandRobbieJohnston-1.jpg

Included in that number is fast-rising local ace Ronan Murphy, son of former V8 Supercar driver (and former karter) Greg Murphy, who has a one point lead over Palmertson North's Bayley Walker in the Junior 100cc Yamaha class.

Young Wellington driver Ryan Wood also has a one point advantage over a Palmerston North driver - in this case Tom Greig - in the Vortex Mini ROK class, while Masters category competitors John Paddy and Brent Robinson (both from the Manawatu) are separated by just one point in the ClubSport 120 senior class.

Karters from all over the country have joined Wellington Provincial Karting Association (WPKA) clubs so that they could contest this season's series which has seen previous rounds in Wellington, Palmerston North and Waitara attract over 100 entrants.

Joining Ronan Murphy on the list of top-rated local (Hawke's Bay) drivers is Zach Zaloum from Hastings who has a two point lead over Christchurch driver Jordan McDonnell in 125cc Rotax Max Heavy.

Also flying the flag for KartSport Hawke's Bay (the club he joined so he could contest the series) this weekend will be multi-time South Island and New Zealand Sprint class champion Chris Cox from Rangiora who heads into the final round second to Taranaki driver Brad Still in 125cc Rotax Max Light, the difference between the pair eight points.

Also split by eight points is Cadet ROK class leader Louis Sharp from Christchurch (a KartSport Wellington club member) and runner-up Logan Smith from Taranaki, but Daniel Austin is just one point adrift of Smith in third.1415BayleysGoldstarRnd3TarJohn PaddyleadsBradenParsens-1.jpg

Split by just four points, meanwhile, are  Formula Junior class front-runners and KartSport Manawatu clubmates Jacob Cranston and Kaleb Ngatoa, with Auckland-based KartSport Wellington club member Lee Zeltwanger a further four points back in third.

The weekend's round is the final in a four round series, but KartSport Wellington will also host the series' annual standalone 'Bayley's WPKA championship' meeting in Wellington over the May 30 and 31 weekend.

Further information is available on facebook ‘GoldStar Series’ and at www.wpka.org.nz

2014/2015 Bayleys WPKA Goldstar Series

125cc Rotax Max Light
Points after Rnd 3 of 4
1. Brad Still (Tara) 176; 2. Chris Cox (Hbay) 168; 3. John Wallace (Mwtu) 166; 4. Jack Bridgman (Hbay)165; 5. Zach Thompson (Wgtn) 159; 6. Ashley Higgins (Mwtu) 155

125cc Rotax Max Heavy
Points after Rnd 3 of 4
1. Zach Zaloum (Hbay) 178; 2. Jordan McDonnell (Wgtn) 176; 3. Aaron de Ridder (Tara) 171; 4. Brent Melhop (M) (Wgtn) 166; 5. Quin Clark (Mwtu) 110; 6. Karl Cameron (M) (Wgtn) 109

ClubSport 120
Points after Rnd 3 of 4
1. John Paddy (M) (Mwtu) 175; 2. Brent Robinson (M) (Mwtu) 174; 3. Braden Parsons (Mwtu) 171; 4. Simon Frater (Hbay) 170; 5. Jim Thompson (M) (Mwtu) 163; 6. Kevin Groves (Mwtu) 159

Formula Junior
Points after Rnd 3 of 4
1. Jacob Cranston (Mwtu) 176; 2. Kaleb Ngatoa (Mwtu) 172; 3. Lee Zeltwanger (Wgtn) 168; 4. Maddy Stewart (Wgtn) 167; 5. Josh Donohue (Wgtn) 166; 6. Rianna O'Meara-Hunt (Wgtn) 106

Junior Yamaha
Points after Rnd 3 of 4
1. Ronan Murphy (Hbay) 171; 2. Bayley Walker (Mwtu) 170; 3. Robbie Johnson (Tara) 167; 4. Jayden Smith (Tara) 161; 5. Nathan Cox (Tara) 160; 6. Brendan Jury (Tara) 120; 7. Ryan Jury (Tara) 116

Vortex Mini ROK
Points after Rnd 3 of 4
1. Ryan Wood (Wgtn)  175; 2. Tom Greig (Mwtu) 174; 3. Riley Jack (Mwtu)  168; 4. Jackson Rooney (Mwtu) 167; 5. Sam Wright (Mwtu)  165; 6. Louis Redshaw (Mwtu) 160

Cadet ROK    
Points after Rnd 3 of 4
1. Louis Sharp (Wgtn) 176; 2. Logan Smith (Tara) 168; 3. Daniel Austin (Mwtu) 167; 4. Logan Manson (Mwtu) 165; 5. Jenson Bate (Mwtu) 159; 6. Harry Bewley (Hbay) 155

Junior 100cc Yamaha class action from the second round with Bayley Walker (#11) leading Ronan Murphy (#51) and Robbie Johnston (#84). And ClubSport 120 class points leader John Paddy (#8) holds off Braden Parsons at Rnd 3. Photo credit: Fast Company/Vicky Jack.

2014/15 Bayleys WPKA Goldstar Series

Rnd 1 Nov 08-09 2014 Rnd sponsor Sparkarts Wynns Raceway Wellington
Rnd 2 Dec 06-07 2014 Rnd sponsors TK Manawatu & ORG Manawatu Toyota Raceway Palmerston North
Rnd 3 March 07-08 2015 Rnd sponsor Supreme Kart Supplies Todd Energy Raceway Waitara
Rnd 4 May 02-03 2015 Rnd sponsor Total Karting Chemz Raceway Hastings
WPKA Championships May 30-31 2015 Rnd sponsor Kartworks Wynns Raceway Wellington

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