GoPro 2013 NZ Sprint Championships

Daniel Connor Reports

The 2013 New Zealand Sprint Championships once again has come and gone, over the Easter weekend of March 31st - 1st April in Wellington, New Zealand. Overall the weekend turned out very well for Daniel Connor driving the NAC Insurance/Right Karts backed Arrow Chassis from Helensville. connor13nzs3.jpg

Starting the weekend off very well on the Wednesday practice being fastest overall, "I'm pretty happy so far as we haven't even touched the chassis yet and things are going great" - said Connor. The Thursday practice day stared well too being quick in the morning session before putting new tyres on and struggling with kart set up. After the end of the practice days Daniel was a bit concerned about new tyres for racing and hoped that they could improve the kart for the race day on Sunday during the two days off while other classes raced on Friday and Saturday.

Sunday arrived and so did the weather, after days of sunshine the rain had come, with no practice for the rain and Daniel's first race on the Dunlop wets it was going to be hard to get the right setup. The first Qualifying session was up and on the 3rd corner Daniel was run into on the first lap and damaged the kart with the exhaust coming off and ripping a hole in the tyre. Qualifying 1 was over and Daniel was last with no qualifying time, luckily he had a chance to redeem himself in Qualifying 2. As the weather kept changing the next qualifying session was on slick tyres and on a half wet track which was continually drying lap by lap. Everyone wanted to be off the front of the grid as they would get the most laps in the 5 minute qualifying session which would give them the driest track for the last lap of qualifying which would hopefully be the quickest, which it was. Daniel Qualified 2nd in Qualifying 2 and because the 2nd qualifying was quicker he was 2nd overall and had a front row start instead of being last with no qualifying time. connor13 nzs1.jpg

Race 1 was half wet again it was a 50/50 decision to go out on wets or slicks, Daniel chose slicks in the last seconds before they were released out of the gate. Half the field were on slicks and half were on wets, it turned out the dry tyre was quicker and Daniel won heat 1 by a comfortable margin. Heat 2 didn't go so well in the wet conditions on wet tyres grabbing the early lead but slowly getting pushed back as the kart setup wasn't quick enough, Daniel finished 8th. The points earned from the heat races meant Daniel would start the Pre Final from 3rd and again on wet tyres the race would be tough. The kart had been improved and Daniel held station to finish 4th. As the weather had been all day it changed again and it had stopped altogether, blue skies shone through the clouds and the track started to dry very quick.

The final started and Daniel quickly managed to make it up to 2nd place and start to chase down the leader, He managed to chase and catch the leader but that was all, he didn't quite have enough to pass for the lead and started to drop off slowly and lose touch of the win.connor13nzs2.jpg The top 2 Daniel Kinsman and Daniel Connor cleared away from the rest of the pack and showed who were the best karters in the country. As from previous races these two will continue to battle it out over the remainder of the Rotax Challenge series. Once again Daniel was 2nd and gets to keep his number #2 on the kart and he looks forward to the next race in Newcastle Australia over the weekend of April 13th-14th.


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