This year's Ipswich round of the Pro Tour started differently to the rest. It started with me being sick on the plane, vomiting in the toilet sky high over the Tasman sea numerous times, 'perfect' way to start the weekend, I thought. Pro Tour Ipswich 2013 015.jpg

Round 6 of the Australian Rotax Pro Tour was a night meeting with Heat 1 on Friday night and the Final on Saturday night being held under lights. Friday practice was wet and with our old wets from Lithgow which were worn out were working ok, not too far off the pace and we knew we would be on the pace when the tyres would be put on for Qualifying. We couldn't have been anymore wrong / confused, putting new tyres on for qualifying and losing 9 tenths of a second which resulted in 24th place. That meant for heat 1, 2 and 3 I would be starting from Position 24 while our kiwi rival Daniel Kinsman was off the front row of the grid.

The night fell and the rain stayed with it, starting with 23 karts ahead I couldn't see a thing for the first few laps, missing and dodging karts here and there, still with no pace and no visibility we managed to stay on track and by the end had managed to creep my way up to 16th, still with a very slow Go kart.

Saturday morning rose and so did the sun to my excitement, we were out on track for heat 2 starting again from P24, I got a good start and had allot of pace and by the end of heat 2 I was 8th and with the 3rd fastest lap behind Pierce Lehane and Tyler Greenbury.

Heat 3 I got a very average start and wasn't able to gain many positions at the start of the race, so I had to pick karts off lap by lap and by the end of the heat I had managed 11th. Again I was 3rd quickest behind the 2 leaders.

With my heat results I had managed to score enough points to start 9th out of the 37 strong field of Rotax Light field. Again I had another night mare of a start and got stuck behind a half spun kart in front and watch as the inside row went past, so after being halted at the start and effectively starting 14th I battled hard and fought my way up to 6th, again with the 3rd fastest lap. Pro Tour Ipswich 2013 033.jpg

After the 2 hour break and night had fallen once again the karts started up and begun to circulate the track. Karts racing at night look so much more faster and impressive which gave me some motivation to push for a podium. I managed to keep my starting grid for the first few laps following Kiwi Daniel Kinsman, then I managed to catch and pass him and head for Rochford and Fothergill ahead. Unfortunately they were too far ahead and still managing to claw them back in I ran out of laps and finished 5th behind a star studded stop 4 which i was happy with especially after qualifying in 24th. Then to my disappointment the clerk of the course wanted to give me a 10 second penalty for a passing move during the race, it went to hearing and 2 hours later I came out on top. 5th was mine.

After vomiting on the plane to qualifying 24th and then finally managing to get back up to 5th with National Champions and Grand Finals competitors scatted throughout the field and then my 5th almost taken away from me it was a challenging weekend but a good one! Big Thank you to my Sponsor NAC Insurance who insure performance vehicles at a great rate! Also Thanks to Pacific Kartsport for all their hard work and Peter Welch my mechanic. The Arrow kart again performed awesomely, so get one!

Photos credit: Daniel Connor/Peter Welch

Report supplied by Daniel Connor










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