It is awesome to see a new class created for the DD2s on the road this year.  With 6 entered, racing was set, and a new16dd2taupor1ontrack.jpg era begins. Thanks to those in SuperKarts and also those involved in the DD2 class that got our new class up and running.

It was decided that to help encourage new drivers to road racing, the class rules would start out simple with just a gearing change required, and then put your bum in your seat and go racing.  After the first meeting at Taupo it was certainly worth a go.

They say X marks a spot, and that is certainly what Kevin Geard did in his first race meeting on the road! He kept those with experience on their toes throughout the day, even Brent Murgatroyd who took out the meeting with 4 wins for the day.  Kevin certainly hung on and will be a threat to those wins in the upcoming meetings I suspect.  Pete Wrightson had a somewhat frustrating day with one corner seeming to get the best of him at times. His day got a little better with a 2nd in the third race.  16dd2taupor1.jpg

It was great to see Chris Jensen back in the seat and with a couple of 3rd placings and a 2nd in the final race he will have Pete gunning for him in the next meeting with only 2 points separating them. It was great to see Kathy Geard out in practice and we hope to see her racing on the track representing the women next round. Hope the necks feeling better Kathy.

Next round is another on the awesome Taupo race track, so for those that love racing what’s more fun than this amazing track and a lovely town for a weekend away.  Even the partner can go shopping!!! Or you could both go for a hot dip, after practice on Saturday, in the natural hot springs down at Spa Park. This park is only minutes from the track and entry is free.

See you all there 2nd and 3rd April for yet another fun filled weekend of road racing, DD2 style!

Pics: Trina Aiono

Report from Lynley Murgatroyd, KartSport SuperKart Drivers Club






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