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It has to be said that the latest round of the ProKart 2015 Series has been a roaring success in more ways than one.
Whilst the racing was nothing short of spectacular, the camaraderie amongst Competitors, and the friendliness of our


Host (KartSport Tokoroa) made for one of those special weekends that one will remember for some time to come.

It is fair to say that on occasion’s relationships between some drivers was tested with the odd “on track” incident, but it didn’t take long before the smiles and jokes were back and  everything back to normal.

But don’t take our word for it. Below are a couple of emails we have received which suggest that as a collective group which makes up ProKart there is much to celebrate.

“Dear Karen, Alan and Steve,

I would like to sincerely thank each of you, along with N-Zed Motorsport, ProKart NZ and the Tokoroa Kart Club for making Josh & Tom feel so welcome at the Tokoroa round of the NZ ProKart Series.

It was a fantastic experience for Josh as a 17 year old in his 2nd ever KZ2 race to be racing with World Class Drivers in an outstanding series.

The camaraderie and smiling faces of your competitors is testament to how well you run your club and race meetings – something that we in Australia could learn (or re-learn) substantially from.

While Josh may be disappointed in his final placing, we come away from the meeting very happy with the lessons we have learnt in each race and having achieved the goals we set out to achieve.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Barry Smith (Josh’s Dad)”

“Hi Alan

Whilst we have moved on from Vortex Mini Rok to Rotax Junior after Nationals, I wanted to drop you a note to thank you and Steve for allowing the Vortex Mini Rok class to compete in this year’s competition.

Without doubt it was a critical factor in our success at Nationals, as it allowed us to focus on setting up a kart capable of working over a long distance and most of all, to compete against the top echelon of talent in the class across the country. This took a lot of the guesswork out for us come race weekend at Nationals. It was clear that those that had participated in the preceding rounds had a distinct advantage at Manawatu.

More than that however, it is without doubt the best series for our young talent to really take that next step. Prior to ProKart, there was no CIK format based series racing, certainly nothing that allowed us to compete over the kinds of distances that ProKart provides. There is nothing else like it, and I hope that it is able to expand next year to include Cadets.

The experience of course helps us now as we transition into Rotax Junior.

I would highly recommend this series to anyone wanting to take their racing to the next level. 

Thanks to you and Steve, and all the best for the rest of the series.

Frazer Parkinson”

Comments like this can only but put a smile on a Promotors face.

But the reality is that it is not just them that can take credit. There were four parties that made this possible.

Yes – Steve Brown in his usual passionate way has again pulled this Series together for the 15th year – BUT let’s also recognise Terry Palmer (Convenor) and Karen Tyrrell (Club Race Secretary) and the rest of the team from Tokoroa, who were in constant alert to make sure the weekend went well. If Terry asked once then he asked a dozen times – “is everything OK” which gave great satisfaction to know they actually enjoyed having us at their Track.

Then of course there is our own Jeanette Smyth (ProKart Series Race Secretary) who ensures all the results are accurate and as they should be.

And also the final ingredient that made this such a special weekend was you – the Competitors.

The Series is obviously being taken seriously by many of the drivers. There were a great number of the newer entrants who have obviously been doing a lot of seat time because they are now up there and by Round 6 will be challenging those who may have been getting used to doing all the winning.

Only a month away til the next round at KartSport Bay of Plenty and we look forward to 4 new competitors to join KZ and 2 to join the Mini Rok class. We know BOP also will be fantastic hosts. So clean and prep your gear, and let’s do it all again – and have a GREAT WEEKEND of PROKART Racing.

ProKart are happy to announce that they will be sending a team of KZ2 drivers to represent ProKart made up of the top three competitors from Masters and KZ2 to compete in Australia at the Stars of Karting event on the Gold Coast in October.  This together with the Mini Rok drive up for grabs really enables opportunity for ProKart competitors to gain overseas experience.

CAPTION: Fynn Osborne #14 leads a Vortex Mini ROK start from pole.  Photo credit: Fast Company/Graham Hughes 


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