Every weekend KartSport celebrates gender, celebrates diversity, and celebrates age on podiums around the nation and overseas as it has for 50 plus years. Past Patron, Norma Triplow-Sanders was one of our early National Champions and her proud tradition of fast tracking it with the boys young and old continues to this day on kart tracks around the country. Female competitors have won numerous National titles over the years. 

Off the track too women contribute strongly in many areas of our volunteer base with crucial roles in Race Control, as17RPTR2BolKiwiclasswinnersMadelineSTewartandRiannaOMH-1 (002).jpg Race Officials and Technical Officers, Club Committee roles and the many other key roles that keep our 20 Clubs operating plus women are active in KartSport governance roles.

National President Graeme Moore believes the sport is unique: “KartSport women competitors steadfastly resist any attempt to treat them differently. Competing from the tender age of 6 years on, they love the gender neutrality that a helmet and race overalls give them as they take on one and all wheel to wheel in no holds barred kart track competition.”  

The sport appears to carry that ethos across equally to the operational side with women holding many senior positions in the race management including as Chief Stewards, Clerks of Course, Medical Officer, National Race Controller, Permits Manager and Office Manager to name just a few.

Ironically one area that has failed to gain much momentum is a Kiwi Facebook page called “Girls in KartSport”  Moore’s explanation: “Unashamedly created as means to promote women in karting we soon discovered our female competitors are very low key when it comes to shouting about their success, in fact it transpires they much prefer to do their talking on track so this page has moved more to celebrate the work being done by many women moving up the ranks of KartSport management”

CAPTION: Madeline Stewart and Rianna O'Meara-Hunt, both from KartSport Wellington,  created history winning South Australian State Titles on the same day in 2017. Credit Fast Company Coopers Phography

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