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Young Kiwi karters Liam Sceats and Louis Sharp will be in Melbourne this weekend contesting the 33rd City of Melbourne Titles meeting at the Kart Club of Victoria's Todd Road kart track. Vortex Mini ROK - Liam SceatsVJlr-1.jpg

The pair, Sceats from Auckland and Sharp from Christchurch, earned the right to compete at the meeting by winning their respective classes (Sceats Vortex Mini ROK, Sharp Cadet ROK) at the 2016/17 Manawatu & TRC Toyota WPKA Goldstar Series.

They will be competing in brand new Tony Karts with Vortex ROK engines supplied and run by the Tony Kart Australia team as part of a prize pack put together by New Zealand Tony Kart and Vortex ROK importer Supreme Kart Supplies & Engines and Manawatu & TRC  Toyota.



Liam Sceats (#23) and Louis Sharp (#SI) in action at the Wellington round of the 2016/17 Manawatu & TRC ToyotaCadet ROK - Louis Sharp SI leads Tom Bewley 4 VJlr-1.jpg WPKA Series. Photo credit: Fast Company/Vicky Jack.








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