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A title trifecta for Christchurch-based karting international Matthew Hamilton was the highlight of KartSport New Zealand's annual Island sprint titles meetings in Blenheim and Te Puke over the weekend.15SI125ccRotaxLightMatthewHamiltonlr-1a.jpg

In fine spring weather multi-time KartSport New Zealand champion Hamilton won the KZ2 and 125cc Rotax Max Light class titles at the Wadsco Motor World South Island meeting in Blenheim on Saturday.

He then made it three-from-three with another from-the-front win in the 100cc Yamaha Light class at host club KartSport Marlborough's Cresswell Electrical Kart Raceway on Sunday.

The feat is not quite a first - in fact KartSport Canterbury clubmate Chris Cox did it last year - but it is still a major achievement to contest three class titles, let alone win them.

Two other KartSport Canterbury club members - Jaden Ransley and Louis Sharp - also earned South Island titles at Blenheim, Ransley in the Junior 100cc Yamaha class, Sharp in Cadet ROK.15SICadetROKLouisSharpleadsgroup-1.jpg

Top local was William Exton from Picton who fought and eventually won a pitched battle for the South Island Vortex Mini ROK title with one of a number of North Islanders contesting the South Island title meeting, Jackson Rooney from Palmerston North.

Exton was the quicker qualifier on his home track but Rooney won the first heat and the Pre-Final. Exton was up to the task, however, and won the Final and with it the title from Rooney and Christchurch's Zac Christensen.

The other two class titles on offer were won by Nelson's Matthew Butchart (125cc Rotax Max Heavy) and Joshua Bethune from Dunedin (Rotax Junior).

In both cases the winners also had to withstand heavy pressure from the north.15SIVortexMiniRokWilliamExton42leadsJacksonRooney30-2.jpg

In Butchart's case it was from Aucklander Keith Wilkinson and Palmerston North karter Ashley Higgins who finished second and third respectively.

In Bethune's case it was from top female driver Madeline Stewart from Wellington and Reuben Adams - who also finished second to Jaden Ransley in Junior 100cc Yamaha - from Christchurch.

In stark contrast to the South Island event, the Visi Line North Island one at the KartSport Bay of Plenty club's Te Puke Auto Electrical Raceway near Te Puke saw two class titles contested in heavy and persistent rain on Saturday and the other four run under blue skies and on a dry track on a Sunday which -weather-wise - could not have been more different.

Experience told in the two senior Rotax classes with multi-time title winner Ryan Urban from Auckland winning 125cc15SIRotaxJuniorJoshuaBethuneleadslr-1.jpg Rotax Light on Saturday and Taupo Masters class ace Teddy Bassick claiming 125cc Rotax Max Heavy honours on Sunday.

Urban was in a class of his own in the wet on Saturday, qualifying quickest and winning all four class races to head home local driver Taylor Harte and Hamilton's Rhys Tinney.

The other Saturday winner, Wellington driver Ryan Wood, had it harder in Vortex Mini ROK, with Pukekohe's Billy Frazer fresh back from representing New Zealand at the annual ROK Cup meeting in Italy, providing stiff competition.

Frazer was equal to the conditions, shadowing Wood in qualifying and beating him to the finish line on a streaming track in both heats. Wood was back in front in both the Pre-Final and Final, though, adding the North Island title to the National Schools one he has won for the past two years.15NIRotaxLightRyanUrbanlr-1.jpg

Brad Still from New Plymouth was the other Senior class title winner over the weekend in 100cc Yamaha Light while Kaleb Ngatoa won the North Island Rotax Max Junior title from local Alex Newlove.

Reece Hendl-Cox from Whakatane qualified quickest and won both the heat races and the Pre-Final only to be slowed by a mechanical issue in the Final, leaving the way open for Ngatoa to grab the initiative, and 2015 North Island title.

The Cadet ROK class was its usual competitive self with Jack Neill and Ryan Bell setting the pace early on but the Final win and title going to Luke Thompson from Liam Sceats and Ayrton Williams.15NICadetROKLukeThompson-1.jpg


2015 Visi Line KartSport NZ North Island Sprint Championships, Te Puke Auto Electric Raceway, Te Puke Fri-Sun Oct 23-25

125cc Rotax Max Light
1. Ryan Urban; 2. Taylor Harte; 3. Rhys Tinney; 4. Campbell  Joyes; 5. Caleb Huston; 6. Michael McCulloch

125cc Rotax Max Heavy
1. Teddy Bassick; 2. Samuel Carpenter; 3. Darren Walker; 4. Simon Macrae; 5. Rohan Knowles; 6. Mike Grimshaw

100cc Yamaha Light15NIVortexMiniROKRyanWoodlr-1.jpg
1. Brad Still; 2. Andy Schofield; 3. Nicholas Carpenter; 4. Jacob Cranston; 5. Caleb Huston

Rotax Max Junior
1. Kaleb Ngatoa; 2. Alex Newlove; 3. Sebastian Noble; 4. Ashton Grant; 5. Sam Wright; 6. Hunter Cheetham

Vortex Mini ROK
1. Ryan Wood; 2. Billy Frazer; 3. Fynn Osborne; 4. Connor Davison; 5. Callum Hedge; 6. Blake Evans

Cadet ROK
1. Luke Thompson; 2. Liam Sceats; 3. Ayrton Williams; 4. Kaden Probst; 5.Logan Evans; 6. Jack Neill

2015 Wadsco Motor World KartSport NZ South Island Sprint Championships, Cresswell Electrical Kart Raceway, Blenheim Sat-Sun Oct 24-25

1. Matthew Hamilton; 2. Matthew Butchart; 3. Chris Cox; 4. James Smith; 5. Daniel Buglar

125cc Rotax Max Light
1. Matthew Hamilton; 2. Kieran Woods; 3. Jarred Cleghorn; 4. Jamie Conroy; 5. James Higgins; 6. Ayden Polaschek

125cc Rotax Max Heavy
1. Matthew Butchart; 2. Keith Wilkinson; 3. Ashley Higgins; 4. Kent Yarrall; 5. Ashley Downs; 6. Ralph Godwin

100cc Yamaha Light
1. Matthew Hamilton; 2. Mike Peebles; 3. Ashleigh Stewart; 4. Adam Geary

Rotax Junior15NIRotaxJUniorKalebNgatoa--1.jpg
1. Joshua Bethune; 2. Madeline Stewart; 3. Reuben Adams; 4. Jacob Mitchell; 5. Jaden Ransley; 6. Lewis Ball

Junior 100cc Yamaha
1. Jaden Ransley; 2. Reuben Adams; 3. Joshua Bethune; 4. Jack Noble-Adams; 5. Oscar Noble-Adams; 6. Josh Donohue

Vortex Mini ROK
1. William Exton; 2. Jackson Rooney; 3. Zac Christensen; 4. Jackson Cayford; 5. Adam Godwin; 6. Liam Pink

Cadet ROK
1. Louis Sharp; 2. James Black; 3. Bo Hill; 4. Josh Bradley; 5. Jaxon Harvey; 6. Logan Manson

Title winners at the Wadsco Motor World KartSport NZ South Island Sprint Championships meeting at Cresswell Electrical Kart Raceway in Blenheim included Matthew Hamilton #9 in KZ2, 125cc Rotax Max Light and 100cc Yamaha Light, Louis Sharp #11 in Cadet ROK, William Exton #42 in Vortex Mini ROK and Joshua Bethune #32 in Rotax Junior Photo Credit: Fast Company

Title winners at the Visi Line KartSport NZ North Island Sprint Championships at Te Puke Auto Electric Raceway over the weekend included Ryan Urban #90 in 125cc Rotax Max Light,  Luke Thompson #31 in Cadet ROK, Ryan Wood #NS in Vortex Mini ROK, Teddy Bassick #96 in 125cc Rotax Max Heavy and Kaleb Ngatoa #15 in Rotax Junior. Photo credit: Fast Company/Graham Hughes.


Prepared by FAST COMPANY on behalf of KartSport New Zealand. To find out more about the 2015 Visi Line KartSport NZ North Island Sprint Championship event at Te Puke and the 2015 Wadsco Motor World South Island Sprint Kart Championship meeting at Blenheim contact Ross MacKay on 021 677 919 or via e-mail at

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