Growth in Membership

Kartsport Nelson’s membership has dramatically increased the past financial year, from 80 members to 106 currently, an increase of 32%. At the end of July17 we had 47 KartSport New Zealand licence holders (including 7 Practice and 2 Vintage), just 5 short of our record in 1998 and have gone from the 4th largest Club in the South Island last year, to the 2nd largest this year behind Canterbury. nelson with trophy.jpg

Associate 18
Family 10
Junior Racing 22
Senior Racing 33
Social 9
Veteran 2
Life 12
The main racing classes providing growth in the past year being Bucket Bikes, Cadet ROK and Briggs LO206

CAPTION: Dee Workman and Kevin Barker receiving the 2017 Club of the Year Trophy from KartSport New Zealand President, Graeme Moore.

Marketing Activity, Resources and Results

Radio - Kartsport Nelson’s commentator, Gary Brown, has a spot on the ZB Sport Radio each Saturday morning prior to a Club Day. He talks about what members have been up to, who has been improving, including any that travel to events outside the Club and promotes the Club Day that is on that weekend.
News Media - The Nelson Mail also publish an article, both to paper and Facebook, with a photo of a karter and the latest results at least once a month, so our Club has presence in local media.
Facebook - Kartsport Nelson have a Facebook page which is full of information, results and relevant karting information. Each Friday we have a Friday Fact post, which is just a short fact about karting, be it rules, history or anything else relevant to the Club or the Sport.
Website - The Kartsport Nelson website is also very active and is kept up to date with information and results.
Posters/Flyers - We have posters printed with our race dates and sponsors to go in shop windows around the area, we also have flyers with the race calendar and information about how to get into karting which we hand out at the track, events (i.e. speedway) and fundraising BBQs. 

Have a Go Day Programme and Results

Every 6 months or so we host a “Have-a-Go-day” and promote this via our website and Facebook page. We run the daysnelsoncomphistory.png as a one on one booking system for 1 hour each so that person can get maximum information about driving techniques and how to get into the sport.
In the past we used to run group bookings but things always seemed to get out of control with keeping track of who’s been and who hasn't etc.
We also allow one off bookings with anyone who wishes to have a go at karting and this is done by contacting anyone on the committee, where we will find out which age group and kart will suit them best and arrange to meet them at the track. 

The growth of the Kartsport Nelson membership speaks for itself and the way we run our programs work. We have had an increase of 20 odd members over the last year and that’s a credit to the promotions and then giving them the one on one time in the seat which gives them a great head start into the sport. 

Publicity and PR Initiatives

Speedway - Nelson Speedway have allowed us to promote our sport at their meetings. In a break, we have been in the arena on the back of a truck with a microphone and had questions asked whereby we answered. Our Kartsport Nelson sign is now on a fence at the speedway and we had karts on display at a meeting and gave away flyers etc. This is something we also intend to do next season to promote our Club and the sport.
Mitre 10 - We booked a Mitre 10 BBQ fundraiser day at the end of April 2017 and spent a day selling sausages and talking to the public. We had a couple of karts on display and this proved to be a great PR day. A lot of the public didn’t know there was a track at Redwood Valley and we got some very interested people and families keen to come out to the next meeting and some to have a go with the intent of getting into the sport. 

Events Hosted/Promoted, Including Entry Numbers and Growth Percentages

Our annual Sunbelts was heavily promoted through social media and this year we obtained our best entries in a while,nelson 2017 SI poster.jpg totalling 83, up from 70 in 2016, making an increase of 18.5% on competitors. 

2016 2017 Variance
Cadet ROK 9 Cadet ROK 9      0%
Vortex Mini Rok 11 Vortex Mini Rok 9 -18%
Junior Rotax Max 8 Junior Rotax Max 13    +62%
Rotax Max Light 22 Rotax Max Light 13   -40%
Rotax Max Heavy 16 Rotax Max Heavy 19   +19%
Open 4 Open 6   +50%
Briggs 0 Briggs 14
(Briggs weren’t a Sunbelts Class in 2016) 

This year we are holding the South Island Sprint Champs and started promoting the event at the beginning of the year with a push for Tier 2 drivers to step up and prepare their year to obtain rating observations. 

Facilities Development Including Costs and Benefits and Methods Used to Raise Funding for Enhancements

Portacom - New Portacom, was to be for first aid room, then scrutineering room, which didn’t work, so now back to Stewards Room/Judicial Room/First Aid Room. A great little building for privacy and away from the main Clubhouse.
Clubhouse Re-Roof - One end of the Clubhouse has been re-roofed which had been leaking for many years and now the main building is also getting painted and repaired so it appears fresh and loved.
Signage - New signage around the track and Clubhouse to brighten up our facilities
Fundraising – A Quiz Night was held at the Speights Ale House, Nelson. We have meat raffles at a local hotel and have run raffles at some of our Club Days to raise funds for different projects, including travel funds for members.
Track Resurfacing – We have just lodged funding applications to have our track resealed. We intend to apply to several different Charities and Trusts to try and obtain all the funding required to carry out this project. 

Member Services Enhancements Including On-Line Tools

Online Entries - KartSport New Zealand online entries were introduced this year for all Club Days, and other KartSport Nelson events, including membership. Using Online entries has boosted our events and gives us an insight as to numbers competing. Entry fees are paid pre the events so less cash needs to be handled on the day. As an incentive to get members to enter online we advertise on Facebook that anyone entering online will receive an extra ticket in the tyre draw.
We have bucket bike riders community, whom in the future, we hope will also be able to use the Kartsport New Zealand licencing system so they can access the online entry system. 

Live timing - Live timing has also been introduced and members can use the Speedhive app on their devices to access live timing. We now have a race monitor in the Clubrooms being fed direct from the tower, with a second monitor to go out by the Notice Board on the day’s events are held. 

Financial Results. Detail Numbers and Percentage Differentials Over Last Year.

KartSport Nelson, from our promotion and getting out in the public eye, have had a very successful financial year, with entry fees, fundraising and our café income. There has been a significant increase in entries and public foot traffic on race days, hence an increase on our cafeteria sales. Some key areas to note: -
From 2016 Financial Year to 2017 Financial Year Increase clubofyeaRtrophy.jpg
Entry Fees 140%
Fundraising Income 93%
Membership Fees 32%
Gross Income 114%
Net Income 492%
Net Café Income 25% 

Sponsorship and Grants. How, What and Where

Sponsorship Raffles - Kartsport Nelson have just completed their second year of selling sponsorship raffle tickets. At the end of each calendar year we have 70 tickets valued at $100 each to sell to businesses which in turn they go in the draw to win the major prize of joint track naming rights with The Hits, and then draws for event naming rights and down to class naming rights for major events. This has proved successful and if all sold, brings in a total amount of $7,000 to the Club.
Billboards - We have also commenced the introduction of sponsorship signage contracts around the facilities for businesses to purchase.
First Aid Room - The past year we have applied for 2 Grants. Firstly, we applied to Tasman District Council for a grant to provide our facilities with a First Aid room, and they granted us funds towards this.
South Island Sprint Champs - We applied to Pub Charity for funding towards airfares and accommodation for out of town officials, and funding for St Johns ambulance for the South Island Sprint Champs. They granted us the funds to cover all airfares and the St Johns fees.
Lawnmower - Kartsport Nelson’s latest funding project was to replace the tractor with a commercial grade zero turn mower and have just received funding from Pub Charity towards this. Volunteers who were not game to use the current tractor and mower assembly (with no power steering) will now be able to use the new mower.
Hotel Raffles - Kartsport Nelson have awesome support from the Brightwater Motor Inn who have given Friday nights at the Hotel to sell meat raffles. We provide the meat packs and all funds come to us. It has thus far been a huge success and very easy regular money which we will put back into the Club, be it for equipment or travel funds, or just repairs and maintenance on our facilities. 

Club Management Improvements Including Volunteer Recruitment of Both Committee Members, Race Officials, Technical Officers and Machine Examiners

Volunteers appear to be a very hard group to work on. We announce at every driver’s briefing the importance of volunteers to run our meetings. The Club is fortunate to have a good group of officials; however, we need new initiatives in obtaining volunteers.
We have a mix of new and old committee members and the committee has been very pro-active and focused on upgrading our facilities and getting our Club recognised in the community with fresh ideas. 

Other Key Items That Aided Retention and/or Growth in Membership

Shed Nights - We trialed Shed nights, where they were held at a member’s shed and anyone could turn up and find out information and how to do different things in relation to kart/engine maintenance etc.
New Members - Committee members have been focused on assisting new members and welcoming them into the Club, providing them with information, guidance and being open to their questions.
Tyre Draws – We give away a set of new tyres at each Club Points Round and the member must be present in the Clubrooms to receive them. This is to encourage members to come into the Clubrooms after the event and be social.
Our next initiative is to have KartSport Nelson in all the school weekly newsletters to promote and grow our junior membership.

Question and Answer Session at the 2017 National Conference:
KartSport New Zealand