Kiwi karter Matthew Hamilton has enjoyed an impressive start to his SKUSA Pro Tour campaign in the United States over the14SKUSAARnd1S4MastersMatthewHamiltonwins-1 (2).jpg weekend, claiming a first-up class win on Saturday and looking set to repeat the performance on Sunday until a loose reed block put him out of that day's Final.


The 31-year-old multi-time New Zealand champion, and S4 Masters Stock Moto class winner at last year's SKUSA series grand final in Las Vegas, has been invited back to contest the full 2014 season by the northern California-based Aluminos team. And his performance in the scorching heat at the Dallas Karting Complex over the weekend augurs very well for the other two double-header rounds later in the year.


Though he had little time to acclimatize to the track, temperatures and kart/engine combination Hamilton set the third quickest qualifying time for Saturday's first series round before finishing fourth in the first heat then winning the second and the winner-takes-all Final, the latter from defending champion Jordan Musser and fellow Texan Chris Jennings. 14SKUSAARnd1S4MastersMatthewHamiltonpodium-1 (2).jpg


Musser pipped Hamilton for pole for the second round of the series on Sunday, but the Kiwi won both heats and looked odds-on favourite to claim his second Final win in as many days until the reed block on his kart's engine worked loose and he managed just the one lap before stopping.


With Hamilton out the battle for the lead was between Musser and Darren Elliott with Elliott prevailing.


The next double-header round of this year's SKUSA Pro Tour is the SummerNats meeting at Modesto, California between August 01-03 with Las Vegas again hosting the final two at the annual SuperNationals meeting between Novemeber 19 & 23.



Christchurch driver Matthew Hamilton acknowledging the chequered flag and on the top step of the podium in Texas on Saturday. Photo credit: Fast Company/Todd McCall


2014 SuperKarts USA Spring Nationals Dallas Karting Complex Caddo Mills Texas USA May 02-04

S4 Masters

Round 1 (Saturday)
1. Gian Cavaciuti 51.993
2. Trevor McAlister 52.098

3. Matthew Hamilton 52.32.
4. Jordon Musser 52.350
5. Jorge de la Huerta 52.498
6. Darren Elliott 52.502


Heat 1
1. Jordon Musser 07:55.489
2. Gian Cavaciuti +01.793
3. Trevor McAlister +02.628
4. Matthew Hamilton +02.806 
5. Darren Elliott +03.092
6. Chris Jennings +03.564


Heat 2
1. Matthew Hamilton 09:08.940;
2. Jordon Musser +00.889
3. Trevor McAlister +02.395
4. Darren Elliott +03.914
5. Chris Jennings +05.410
6. Fernando Diaz +06.130
Fastest lap: 55.374 Matthew Hamilton


1. Matthew Hamilton 15:15.996
2. Jordon Musser +00.458
3. Chris Jennings +07.875
4. Fernando Diaz +08.582
5. Rob Logan +16.061
6. Brian Fisher +16.199 

Rnd 2 (Sunday)
1. Jordon Musser 00:51.783   
2. Matthew Hamilton 00:51.913 
3. Trevor McAlister 00:52.019 
4. Darren Elliott 00:52.156 
5. Rob Logan 00:52.166 
6. Gian Cavaciuti 00:52.196 


Heat 1
1. Matthew Hamilton 09:05.454   
2. Jordon Musser +1.135 
3. Darren Elliott +1.562 
4. Gian Cavaciuti +1.651 
5.  Fernando Diaz +4.996 
6. Brian Fisher +5.212 

Heat 2
1. Matthew Hamilton 08:56.342   
2. Jordon Musser +0.596 
3. Darren Elliott +1.772 
4. Brian Fisher +3.934
5. Trevor McAlister +5.586 
6. Willy Musgrave +7.956


1. Darren Elliott 16:21.540   
2. Jordon Musser +0.432 
3. Trevor McAlister +5.409 
4. Gian Cavaciuti +11.778 
5. Chris Jennings +13.842 
6. Rob Logan +14.005
25. Matthew Hamilton 1 lap


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