The 2015 KartSport SuperKart Drivers Club Series will kick off at Taupo on the 11th of January 2015.  With the KartSport New Zealand National Superkart Championship and Grand Prix set to be held at the same venue on the 28th of February, series organisers are expecting a healthy number of entries for the 2015 series.  rotax class 2.jpg

The 2014 series provided some close racing across all classes, a level playing field for all competitors and quality trophies which made for the best series in recent years.  The aim of the series organisers is to make the 2015 series even better.

The Kartsport Superkart Drivers Club is pleased to announce a number of changes to the series which are designed to encourage series participation and make for a closer points system.  Excellent incentives are offered to drivers who have never road raced before as well as incentives for competitors to race in every round.

Series changes are outlined below:

  • Entry fee discount for early series entry saving $220!
  • Pay as you go payment option.  Race for free in round 6 if you race in the first 5 rounds saving $170.  This offer applies to competitors who do not wish to take up the full series early payment option.
  • Discount for new drivers who have not road raced previously.  Race in round 1 and race for free in round 2!  New drivers also qualify to race for free in the 6th round if they enter every event.  This entitles new competitors to 2 free rounds!  That’s a saving of $340!
  • Drop the result of your worst round, this will keep competitors who have a bad result in one round or miss a round for whatever reason to remain in the points hunt until the end of the series.
  • KZ2 and DD2 classes to be recognised separately as sub-categories of National class.   One main goal of the series organisers is to see a large increase in numbers of drivers in these classes.  The potential exists for huge fields in these gearbox classes. 

Click on these links for the entry form for round 1 and more detailed info regarding the series payment discounts:



CLICK HERE for Round 1 Entry Form, Supplementary Rules and Information

The KartSport Superkart Drivers Club committee looks forward to the best series yet in 2015 and encourages all existing drivers, new drivers and gearbox kart drivers to enter the series for what is the best adrenaline rush you can get in our sport run in a friendly environment.

Series dates for 2015

Round 1: Taupo - 11 Januarysktaupo2.jpg

Round 2: Taupo - 19 April

Round 3: Hampton Downs – 3 May

Round 4: Manfield – TBC (June/July)

Round 5: Hampton Downs – 27 September

Round 6: Manfield – 8 November

There will be practise available on the day preceding each event for those who require it.

Note:  The KartSport New Zealand National Superkart Championships and Grand Prix is a standalone event being held on the 28th of February at Taupo.  Any competitor wishing to compete in this event must comply with minimum license requirements as per KartSport New Zealand eligibility rules which are:

  • Kartsport New Zealand license holders with an ‘A’ Road rating or a Tier 1 Sprint rating plus at least one road event competition observation.  In simple terms, if you are a new Road competitor with a Tier 1 Sprint rating but no Road rating you must race in Round 1 of next year’s series to be eligible to enter the Nationals. 

Click on the link below to join the Superkart Series Facebook group for up to date announcements and discussions. 


Now let’s put to bed some of the false beliefs which some people hold about road racing.

  • Road racing is no harder on equipment than sprint racing, in fact it’s the opposite.  There is no contact on a road circuit so karts remain in good condition compared to sprint racing where you will regularly be replacing damaged parts due to contact.
  • Engines do not wear out any faster. Rotax karts only rev to 12,500rpm on a road circuit due to the increased resistance caused by the higher speeds. 
  • You do not require any more equipment to road race your kart apart from a large front sprocket.  Front fairings are available but not mandatory.  Plenty of competitors race with sprint bodywork and achieve excellent results by staying in the draft.
  • Yes speeds are higher but all tracks have excellent run off areas and the thrill of racing your kart at high speed is a lot of fun.  You will find yourself smiling as you race and use the draft from others which is very noticeable.
  • Road racers are friendly and willing to help each other out to ensure people are on track as much as possible.  Something that is lacking in other forms of our sport. 

Read below for a list of suggested gearing / jetting for Rotax and KZ2 classes.  Ask fellow competitors if unsure, generally they will go out of their way to help you:

Rotax Max Light:

17 tooth front sprocket, selection of rear sprockets from 73 to 76 teeth.  Jetting K54 needle, 160-168 main jet with heavy floats.  Expect to see speeds of 160km/hr.

Rotax Max Heavy:

17 tooth front sprocket, selection of rear sprockets from 74 to 78 teeth.  Jetting K54 needle, 160-168 main jet with heavy floats.  Expect to see speeds of 150km/hr.


1.10 ratio gearing will get you in the ballpark.  Jet up richer than you use on a sprint track.  You want to be providing the engine with plenty of fuel when you come off the throttle at the end of the straights.  Go richer on the pilot and idle circuits.  Expect to see speeds of around 180km/hr.

CAPTIONS: Rotax field at Hampton Downs. National class karts at Taupo. Photos courtesy of Petrina Aiono.


Release from Nick Isaac, KartSport SuperKart Drivers

KartSport New Zealand