Jeanette Smyth APPOINTED Permits Manager

Effective immediately, Jeanette Smyth has been appointed Permits Manager. This position reports to the Competitions Manager, Warrick Parkes and is responsible for managing all permit related matters and assisting with the planning of the annual events calendar.

Jeanette is a stalwart of KartSport Auckland having been associated with the Club since 1984 since she met, nowJ Smyth with background crop.jpg husband of 33 years, Kerry who raced karts in 125cc Gearbox/Open B at Auckland Kart Club.

"I got roped in to help lap score the clubs annual Enduro event!"

Jeanette then spent the next couple of years in Auckland club’s Race Control including the iconic Queen Street event.

Then a small group broke away from Auckland & set up the original Superkart Drivers Club – because that was what they wanted to do – road racing. She was then the Race Secretary for the Superkart Drivers Club; involved in road racing national events at Pukekohe & Bay Park, dirt national events at Western Springs & Waikaraka and street racing in carparks around the Auckland area.

After Kerry stopped racing they both went boating for a few years until son Graeme reached the age of 10 and they thought he might like a crack at karting – Yeah Right!

In 2003 Jeanette took over the reins of Race Secretary at Kartsport Auckland – a position she still holds.

Jeanette has also been actively involved with the Kartsport Auckland club/committee since this time.

In 2010 Jeanette also took on Race Secretary role for the, now, ProKart series. While not as hands on in being in attendance at all rounds these days I am still actively involved and for as long as ProKart wants her services services she is willing to oblige.

Some years ago, with the dire shortage of Race Officials affecting clubs and their ability to conduct club days, Jeanette  was one of several who went through the training and has now achieved Grade 3 Race Official status. While not doing  many events in this role - Jeanette's passion is Race Control –  she totally enjoys the 3 or 4 events as a Race Official each year. 

KartSport New Zealand is delighted to welcome Jeanette to this important volunteer role, one to which she is very well qualified having been submitting permit applications for KartSport Auckland for many years.

Welcome aboard Jeanette!

Warrick Parkes
Competitions Manager


KartSport New Zealand