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Junior class karters Rianna O'Meara-Hunt, Jackson Rooney and Louis Sharp stole the show at the opening round of the 2015/16 Bayley's WPKA Goldstar Series at Waitara in Taranaki on Sunday.1516BayleysGoldStarRnd1FormJnrRiannaOMeara-Hunt.jpg (2).jpg

O'Meara-Hunt, from Wellington, was the dominant figure in the Formula Junior class, top-scoring overall with three wins from five starts in the heats and also winning the stand-alone class Grand Prix race.

Tom Greig from Palmerston North claimed second place for the round, winning the other two heats, while recently crowned class South Island champion Josh Bethune from Dunedin finished sixth overall and second to O'Meara-Hunt in the class Grand Prix race.

Jackson Rooney, from Palmerston North, also shone, winning two of the five heats to claim top honours in the Vortex Mini ROK class from Hamilton driver Clay Osborne and class South Island champion William Exton from Picton, with New Plymouth's Thomas Boniface the top local driver in fourth.

Completing the Junior trifecta was Louis Sharp from Christchurch. The third South Island champion to feature at the Waitara meeting, Sharp won three of the Cadet ROK class heats and the stand-alone class Grand Prix, with young Auckland ace Liam Sceats second in both and North Island class champion Mason Potter third overall  and fifth in the Grand Prix race.1516BayleysGoldstarRnd1RotaxLightBradStill-2 (2).jpg

Daniel Rine from Palmerston North was the big winner in the Senior ranks, getting the nod in the Open class after a points tie with Mike Jury, then winning the Senior Grand Prix from Henri Ham, Nick Isaac and Brad Still.

The racing was close in both Senior Rotax Max classes, with Brad Still from New Plymouth first home in 125cc Rotax Max Light from Tauranga's Taylor Harte, and Palmertson North driver Ashley Higgins winning 125cc Rotax Max Heavy from Nelson driver Brendon Gridley.

Finally, there were four different heat winners in 120 ClubSport with Gary Soper eventually edging out Brent Hickmott by one point.

This season's Bayleys WPKA Goldstar series kicked off in Waitara on Sunday with subsequent rounds at Palmerston North in December, Hawke's Bay  in March 2016 and Wellington  in early May 2016. There will then be a final season-ending1516BayleysGoldstarRnd1CadteROKLouisSharp-1 (2).jpg WPKA Championships event back at Waitara in Taranaki in June 2016. 

2015/16 Bayleys WPKA Goldstar Series Rnd 1 Todd Energy Raceway Waitara Taranaki

1. Daniel Rine; 2. Mike Jury; 3. Nick Isaac; 4. Henri Ham; 5. Clint Beaumont; 6.  Jayden Smith.  

125cc Rotax Max Light
1. Brad Still;  2. Taylor Harte; 3. Zachary Thompson; 4. Ethan Hourigan; 5. Chris Cox; 6. James Higgins 

125cc Rotax Max Heavy
1. Ashley Higgins; 2. Brendon Gridley; 3. Kevin Barker; 4. Campbell Jamieson; 5. Nathan Nolly;  6. Francois Rautenbach

120 ClubSport
1. Gary Soper; 2. Brent Hickmott; 3. Brenden Print; 4. John Paddy; 5. Brent Robinson; 6. Garth Lacey

Formula Junior
1. Rianna O'Meara-Hunt; 2. Tom Greig; 3. Bayley Walker; 4. Sam Wright; 5. Dylan Frere; 6. Josh Bethune

Vortex Mini ROK
1. Jackson Rooney; 2. Clay Osborne; 3. William Exton; 4. Thomas Boniface; 5. Zac Christensen; 6. Roman Harker-Ferguson

Cadet ROK
1. Louis Sharp; 2. Liam Sceats; 3. Mason Potter; 4. Ben Stewart; 5. Kiahn Burt; 6. Emerson Vincent       

Senior Grand Prix
1. Daniel Rine; 2. Henri Ham; 3. Nick Isaac; 4. Brad Still; 5. Zachary Thompson; 6. Ethan Hourigan        

Formula Junior Grand Prix
1. Rianna O'Meara-Hunt; 2. Josh Bethune; 3. Sam Wright; 4. Riley Jack; 5. Tom Greig; 6. Bayley Walker    

Vortex Mini ROK Grand Prix
 1. Jackson Rooney; 2. Fyn Osborne; 3. Thomas Boniface; 4. Clay Osborne; 5. William Exton; 6. Daniel Austin

Cadet ROK Grand Prix
1. Louis Sharp; 2. Liam Sceats; 3. Ben Stewart; 4. Emerson Vincent; 5. Mason Potter; 6. Hugo Neale      

CAPTIONS: Rianna O'Meara-Hunt (#69) leading Josh Bethune (#SI) in a Formula Junior heat. Brad Still (#33) on his way to a 125cc Rotax Max Light class heat win, and Louis Sharp (#SI) leads Liam Sceats (#23) in a Cadet ROK class race. Photo credit: Fast Company/Emilee Wright

2014/15 Bayleys WPKA Goldstar Series

Rnd 1 Nov 08 2015 Todd Energy Raceway Waitara Taranaki
Rnd 2 Dec 06 2015 Manawatu Toyota Raceway Palmerston North Manawatu
Rnd 3 March 06 2016 Chemz Raceway Roy's Hill Hastings Hawke's Bay
Rnd 4 May 01 2016 Wynns Raceway Kaitoke Wellington

WPKA Championships June 05 2016 Todd Energy Raceway Waitara Taranaki


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