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In what is believed to be a world first for a national sporting body, KartSport New Zealand harnessed the power of Facebook - and in particular the social media platform's Live broadcasting function - at its annual Conference of Clubs in Auckland last weekend. Over 14,000 views of the live broadcast have been recorded to date.2017KNZConfofClubsWayneGoldsmithlr-1 (003).jpg

“We knew that karting needed to undergo a significant change in management and process if it was to adapt to changing consumer trends, so the Executive took a radical two-pronged approach, " says National President Graeme Moore.

"The first thing we did was commission the services of internationally acclaimed sports strategist and coach Wayne Goldsmith - to bring a fresh perspective and really challenge the Executive and Delegates who were at the conference - and the second was to use Facebook Live to transmit the proceedings so that anyone who wasn't there but was interested in what was going on could dip in and out from wherever they were.

“Members and interested parties from around the world were welcomed and included, and utilising a radically different format, managed by Wayne, we had all the Club Delegates, plus members of the karting trade and series promoters, working together as one to formally and thoroughly review each aspect of the sport and put on the table any and every option they wanted to see KartSport consider going forward if we are to sustain and grow membership”

The result was a very different conference and a very clear mandate for the sport going forward.2017KNZConfofClubsDelegatesatworklr-1 (003).jpg

"The most significant outcome, for me," says Moore," was empowering our Clubs to individualise their offering to meet the specifics of their local demographics and have the governing body serve more as an enabler than a facilitator. 

"Ironically we discovered the rules and regulations governing this new found freedom largely existed already and many of our processes will simply need a little tweaking."

You can watch the Facebook Live post at https://www.facebook.com/KartSportNZ/videos/1395648103816993/ or at Wayne GoldSmith https://www.facebook.com/newsportfuture    or  on the Livestream site here: https://livestream.com/i-filmservices/KartSportNZ2017Conference/videos/161849228

CAPTIONS: KartSport NZ 2017 Conference of Clubs' speaker and facilitator Wayne Goldsmith. And delegates (l to r)  Terry Sage, Whangarei, Ryan Urban, Academy Coach, Brent Robb, Mt Wellington, Anita Kinsman, Volunteers' Subcommittee , Les Campbell, Dunedin, and Johnny Bassick, Hamilton, working through a team-building exercise. Photo credit: KartSport New Zealand.


Prepared by FAST COMPANY on behalf of KartSport New Zealand. To find out more about KartSport NZ contact Ross MacKay on 021 677 919 or via e-mail at ross@fastcompany.co.nz

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