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Photographer of the Year 2018

Who will have their name on the KartSport Photographer of the Year trophy for 2018?

This annual award is presented each year at the KartSport New Zealand National Conference Awards Night at the end of August.trophycrop.jpg

The competition is open to both professional and amateur photographers. There will be a winner in each of three categories:

Best Action Shot

(maximum 3 per photographer)

Best Shot by a Photographer under 20 years.

(maximum 3 per photographer)

Best Story Portfolio (4 shots telling a karting story)

(1 portfolio per photographer)

The Photographer of the Year will be selected from the three category winners.

Photographer of the Year Prize: 20% of the income generated from the auction, at the 2018 National Conference Awards Night, of large mounted prints of entries from all the finalists. (The auctions normally generate around $2500.)


Judging will be undertaken by a three person Panel including a professional photographer, a guest judge from the media and a representative from KartSport New Zealand.


Conditions: G Hughes action_01-600.jpg

  • Photos must be taken in New Zealand.

  • Photos to have been taken during the period 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018 inclusive.

  • High resolution images (at least 4MB, preferably 300dpi) must be submitted to KartSport New Zealand before 18 July 2018.

  • That KartSport New Zealand is granted free use of the images submitted for use in publicity, publications, electronic media and for production of the finalists prints which will be auctioned at the 2018 National Conference.

  • Photo Credits: The  2017 Supreme Award image, taken by Graham Hughes. Trophy image taken by Brent Melhop. 


    KartSport New Zealand