KZ2 Restricted
an Insight from the Driver’s Seat


All forms of motorsport have regulations, V8 Supercars, F1, Speedway etc. One aspect of which is to try and keep costs down and to keep the playing field level for the competition.

The same can be said for the KZ2 Restricted class run under the ProKart Series.kz2 restricted.jpg

Whilst the other KZ2 classes (Regular and Masters), are “open” spec for carburettor tuning, axle choice and air box choice, the KZ2 Restricted class is “restricted” in these areas to help keep the playing field level for all drivers and also help reduce costs.

The fixed axle choice for KZ2 Restricted is a hard 1020mm, and while this does limit some of the tuning of the kart’s setup, this axle has proved to be a great ‘all-rounder’ providing excellent performance at any track and in all weather conditions. As the competitor only has one type available to use there is no need to carry a wide selection of axles (another cost saving) or even a spare as promoter Steve Brown always has replacements on hand should the need arise.

The KZ2 Restricted carb jetting has a controlled setting for the emulsion tube, inner and outer pilots, slide/needle type, fuel shut off valve and two options for the main jet – these being a 150 size (safe tune in regards to air/fuel leanness ratio), and a 155 size (really safe tune). These fixed jets do not limit the engine performance much with only a slightly lower ‘top end’ when compared to the regular and Masters KZ2’s. The two jet sizes allow for reliable useability on all brands of motor, at all tracks and in any weather condition without having to be a carb ‘guru’ to get the best out of the motor or rely on someone else to setup your tune.

Another attraction of this class – aside from the ease of tuning and setup, is the increased MAW (186kg), which is an 11kg increase on the regular KZ2 class and matches the MAW of the KZ2 Masters, this gives the heavier driver who wants to have a go at shifter racing somewhere to try their hand.

To really cement the true speed of the KZ2 Restricted class you only need to look to the results to date for the 2015 ProKart series. At the first round at Rotorua in changeable conditions the top qualifying KZ2 Restricted was 5th overall in a combined KZ2 Masters/Restricted field of 19 and finished 3rd overall in the final. Again at the sunny 2nd round at Hawkes Bay KZ2 Restricted karts qualified 4th and 7th out of 20 combined, with a KZ2 Restricted kart winning the final overall and posting the 2nd fastest lap time.

With a class that offers a place for all drivers to get into KZ2, weather they are light or heavy, young or old, the racer who enjoys spending nights preparing their kart or the club type racer that just wants to drag their kart out at the track and have some fun, all are welcome. 


For anymore information on the ProKart KZ2 Restricted class or the ProKart series go to , or contact SB Promotions on 021 918270.


Here is some information about the top 3 drivers from this year’s series so far and their views on the KZ2 Restricted class.

Garry Cullum

Age: 30

Years racing: 10

Years racing KZ2: 2

Weight: 94kg

Kart number: 96

Thoughts on KZ2 Restricted:

From the first time Steve Brown (ProKart promoter) approached me about entering the series I thought this was a great class, somewhere for a heavier guy like myself to try shifters, after years of running Yamaha and Rotax Heavy it gave me the opportunity to race competitively in a shifter and without a doubt kept me in the sport.


Connor Adam

Age: 16

Years racing: 9

Years racing KZ2: 2

Weight: 55kg

Kart Number: 49

Thoughts on KZ2 Restricted:

KZ2 Restricted is cheap and great for all skill level and size of driver. Its also great for dad and I to be out on the track together which is a goal he has had since I started karting. The carb settings are great because you never need to touch them, you can just leave them at one setting for the whole year. The restricted kart can be just as fast as the masters and gives many people who are too big or not quick enough yet to experience a win or two where as they couldn’t do that in the main KZ2 class.


Gerhard Benadie

Age: 23

Years racing: 3

Years racing KZ2: 3

Weight: 98kg

Kart number: 21

Thoughts on KZ2 Restricted:

I think it is a very good opportunity for drivers that are not as light as the KZ2 drivers and who are not old enough to compete in the Masters. I think it's a stepping stone for new drivers who want to compete in KZ2 and have fun as well as be competitive.


Photo Caption: KZ2 Restricted drivers Garry Cullum (96) and Connor Adam (49) mixing it with the front running KZ2 Masters at the recent ProKart Round 2 at Hawkes Bay. Photo Credit: KartSport Hawkes Bay.    

Article and pic supplied by Michael Cullum

KartSport New Zealand